2008 Wrap Up!

Hi there everyone! I wanted to take the time and wrap up a few things I’ve been meaning to post about. We’ve been working on Valentine and Easter items for the shop, but before I get to far along, I want to share a few things with you.

This year my son and I participated in our first swap. The Mommy Holly Christmas Children’s Book Swap. We had so much fun shopping for the swap, wrapping everything up and sending it out.

Here is a photo of the box we sent out.

Our swap box arrived shortly after the one we sent out. Rowan was so excited to open everything. The first thing he spotted was a stuffed gingerbread boy. Hhmmmm… could that be a clue?

Oh! The first thing opened. Blue stiry things.

Wow, the new candy land game! We were just checking it out at the store.

Rowan loves to read. A new book for bedtime.

The loot on display! A gingerbread themed bounty. Thanks swap partners for making this so fun for all of us.