Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Was Featured on the Front Page of Etsy Today!

Oh gosh! I just checked my etsy convos and saw a message from kalicat that my Echinops Stems were featured on the front page! That makes my day! Check out the picture below. I feel so inspired to get creative and bring everyone more neat items.


  1. I feel like such a doofus! I even saw those on the front page today and totally forgot to convo you. At least SOMEONE remembered though, huh? lol
    Congrats on making the front page. I don't know as I've ever been on it. At least not that I am aware of.

  2. Oh my GOSH
    How cool is that??

    Look the drieds too.


  3. How awesome is that?! Congrats, and I hope it brings more customers your way!

  4. The items your choose for your treasuries are so pretty ! Keep it up


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