Wednesday, March 4, 2009

No Baby Yet

Hi All - I received the last of the addys for my giveaway and am packing the last of the tags and items up to send off today on my lunch break. Enjoy everyone and thanks for participating!

Still no baby yet. My wife and I went to her doctor's yesterday and she said it can happen any time now. Our second son is due on Saturday the 7th, but our first child was born 2 days before his due date. Our doctor seems to think this baby will do the same, so here's to hoping. My wife is so ready to get this over with. She's been home all day with irregular contractions. We can't wait to see our new son!

I need to get back to getting orders out. My customers must be getting agitated from waiting. I've already had some issues with eBay customers complaining in feedback for the wait. I've explained time and time again, but they just don't get it. Oh well, I'm still not gonna let it ruin my excitement!

Take care everyone!

Ryan @ Catskill Country Cupboard


  1. Good luck to you and your wife! I hope everything goes smoothly!!

  2. Congrats to you and your family! We are awaiting the first child of a close friend's daughter--I know, not the same thing, but exciting just the same!

  3. Good luck to you and wife in this miracle of birth....May God be with you both.... Some buyers on eBay are just stupid...


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