Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sorry Kristie... Yard Work Today... John's Pillows Arrived

THURSDAY GREETINGS EVERYONE - Today turned out to be quite a nice day here in NY! Warm enough to get some yard work done outside (one of my favorite Spring/Summer activities). The FH was quiet today and I knew that one of our empty flower beds was in pretty bad shape after not tending to it last year. I was able to pull most of the weed roots out of it and rake it smooth. I even mowed the upper lawn to pick up all the loose sticks and leaves. I'm sure my neighbors thought I had officially lost it. Most people around here don't pull out their lawn tractors till late May.

I'm making plans to expand our sunflower garden this Summer due to the number of customers who ordered sunflower heads from our shop (we have been out of stock since early winter). We plant lots of sunflowers every year and dry them for bowl fillers and decorations. The birds and squirrels enjoy munching on the larger heads we place out for them all winter long.

I had every intention of taking pictures of Kristie's giveaway loot one night this week, but our son came home from his Aunt's late last night and the night before he slept over there. I came in from being outside this afternoon to an empty box. My wife decided to empty it and put its contents in the linen closet. That's what I get for procrastinating. She didn't put away the tropical lifesavers though! I put them in a dish beside my sewing machine and have been enjoying them all week. THANKS AGAIN KRISTIE!

John's pillows arrived in the mail today! They are even more beautiful in person. Thanks again John. My wife really likes the fabrics you chose and she took charge of finding a place for them. She's been dying to redo our front living room all winter. She might use your pillows as a color inspiration.

I went through some boxes in my sewing room this evening and found this mini log cabin top made from scraps. I need to finish it to hang in our entry. Great Spring colors.

I ordered some more of the dogwood fabric by Michelle Engel Benskoto yesterday so I could finish up the bird blocks. I only had a half yard of each colorway and ran out of this fabric after putting together 14 eight inch blocks. I might need it for a border.


  1. Just tell me that Fiona was happy with her goodies and I'll be happy too. =)

  2. Funny about your lawnmower, we get the same weather you do here in NW CT and my next door neighbor had his lawnmower out about 3 weeks ago! So, by his standards, you are late! I just love the little log cabin quilt, really cute!

  3. Congratulations on your win(s). The log cabin is pretty.

  4. I'm so happy to hear that the pillows arrived OK and that you (and your wife!) are so happy with them. have a great weekend!

  5. Once again you have spun straw into gold by using up those scraps! Your mini log cabin topper is wonderful. I absolutely love the colors. What a cheery welcome it will make for your entryway. Please show it again once your done!


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