Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Family Dollar Savings

THURSDAY GREETINGS EVERYONE - I was able to stop by Family Dollar on the way home today after work. The prices in my hometown are a little higher than what I would find in the bigger areas (ie: Oneonta). I was still able to get some good deals on dishwasher detergent. I also grabbed 2 boxes of Band-Aids as I had 2 more $1.00/1 ANY size coupons left.

My total OOP expense with tax was $3.90. I got 5 boxes of Finish/Electrasol Tabs for .50 cents each after a $2.50/1 ANY size coupon. They were $3.00 a box. The Band-Aids were $1.10 per box, so they only cost me .10 cents after the $1.00/1 ANY size coupons! Yippee! I might have been able to get all this FREE in a bigger area, but it would have cost me more than $3.90 to drive there.


  1. You did fantastic! You've got $17.20 in product and that's before taxes. So, 3.90 is very good OOP, IMO.

    The tax rate here is 9.75% so basically .10 on every dollar which is insane but, what ya gonna do?

    I don't know which bandaid coupons you had but did you know there are some out now that don't expire until 6/30/09?
    I've got some that expire at the end of May and some of the newer ones. I think you can get 20 on fee-bay for a little over $1 if you want to get more bandaids to stockpile. At least they don't go bad like food, and with two little ones you know you will always need them. lol

  2. I NEVER scoare like that!

    Sam in Middle TN


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