Saturday, May 2, 2009

Working this Weekend... Finding Some Time to Sew

SATURDAY GREETINGS MY FELLOW BLOGGERS - I am on call this weekend for the FH (YUCK!) We've been very busy and the phone hasn't stopped ringing. I did manage to fit some sewing projects in this evening. I feel much less stressed at the moment!

I was able to finish a table runner project that I had set aside for a while. I couldn't decide on a border print to complete the look of it and got so frustrated by it that I tucked it in a drawer and forgot about it for a few weeks. I opened the drawer today to look for something else and there it was staring me in the face. I decided to use the overall background print around the outside as a border and find a rose colored fabric to bind it with. That should finish it off and add a bit of color. Another UFO checked off my list! I'll send it off to the quilter on Monday.

I also started piecing some 30's geese blocks I had laying around. I started to make the geese last year out of scraps I found. I have a bunch of four patch 30's blocks from a quilting forum swap I'm thinking of pairing them with. I found this pattern online called Bricks and Stepping Stones. Maybe I will add the geese around the outside as a border. I'll see how it looks after I put it together. It might look a little too busy to add a geese border. I may just use the geese in strips and make a smaller wall hanging.

I got rather side tracked and ended up making a few larger blocks out of scraps too. I might turn these into hot mats or mouse pads. I'm not sure.


  1. Love your table runner. It's a very interesting pattern, one I'd never seen.

    I hope you will go to my quilting blog and take a look at one of my table runners. Thanks.

  2. looking every good. not much into the 30's prints myself, but I do like the overall pattern.

  3. LOVE the table runner. DROOLING over those piles of squares! And I am green with envy of those awesome pieced squares at the bottom!!!! My goodness I wish you would list a couple of those in your Etsy shop. I don't have the patience or know how to do designs that intricate- yet.

    Did you see I finished the matching pillow to my Christmas quilt? I also finished Alex's BIG brown floral quilt but I haven't blogged about it yet.

  4. I really like the Mother's Bouquet. Very nice. Is it your pattern?


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