Tuesday, June 23, 2009

ALL March Giveaway Prizes MAILED!

Hey There Everyone - Just one update for today. All the prizes from my march giveaway are on the way to the following folks, thanks for taking a number:

Paula H.
Tamara B.
Vicki D.
Diane H.
Juanita P.
Aik C.

I sent out emails to everyone as well. Hope you put the goodies to good use. We are now back on schedule! Whew!

The giveaways will continue in JULY!!


  1. Just a little behind. Here I thought I was the only one this far behind.

  2. That reminds me! I need to do another give away. Been meaning to for a while now.

    You never did tell me if Fiona liked the Beggin' Strips I sent. ;)

  3. I got the package. I am so impressed with everything. Thanks for the extras. I already shared some with my Mom.


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