Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Splurge NEW FABRCS!

I just had to do it. I've had my eye on the new Joel Dewberry line, Deer Valley, for quite some time. The combination of red, chocolate and turquoise is stunning.

Look at all the yummy goodness that will be delivered to my mailbox soon! The photo to the left is the cool azure colorway. WOW!!!

I ordered a fat quarter set in Azure, and one in Persimmon. The patterns are so interesting in this line. The turquoise is so bright that it draws your eye immediately. The recent lines that have been released are all so eye catching. This is really an exciting time for quilting. All the great modern fabrics are wonderful.

The photo to the right is the warmer persimmon colorway. He still incorporates cooler turquoise, but the different shades of red he uses really spices it up. YOWZA!!

I think it would be really amazing to see how Mr Dewberry comes up with his designs. He must pull inspiration from everywhere. This line as a whole is so unique. He's already earned praise for his previous four lines.

He also has a third colorway in this line that I didn't order. The tarragon colorway just seemed a little too 70's to me. It has all the same patterns included, but the combination of yellow, chocolate and white wasn't appealing to me.

I also ordered a few fat quarter sets from Amy Butler. Just to make the most of my shipping cost. Wink Wink!

I'm a real big fan of her Midwest Modern 2 line.

I liked the way this sunset colorway line on the left combined pink and orange with a touch of yellow. Try combining those colors in a traditional fabric pattern. With her designs it works! I think the wavy lines would be a great choice for binding.

My favorite colorway for this line is definitely ohio sky, pictured to your right. I ordered this fat quarter assortment as well. The colors were relaxing to me.

Just mix these fabrics with some slate and white from her solids line and you'd have a neat, relaxing wall hanging.

I've noticed by going back and looking at all my most recent fabric purchases that I tend to gravitate toward the blues and reds. Turquoise has been a HOT color this year. It's been popping up everywhere.

Lastly, I scooped up this new Michael Miller fat quarter set of coordinating fabrics from several of his lines. There's turquoise and red, again!

I thought this set was really fun and playfull. Nice to have around in case you need to make a quick shower gift or newborn baby quilt.

The childish dots, stripes and critters stood out to me.

I can't wait to add these fabrics to my stash! Now to make room for them! Happy early birthday to me!


  1. When you say early early is early? lol

    Mine is Jan. 1st. Wanna trade? Try going out to do even the simplest thing to celebrate when every place in town is booked solid and entry fees are insane!

    Sorry. I got off topic a bit. lol Great fabrics! I just finished my second rag-bag. It's in the washer getting fluffed as I type. Will put a pic. of it on my blog tomorrow.

  2. Feedsack FantasyJune 26, 2009 at 8:17 PM

    You just tickle the tar out of me! You write beautifully, your selections are fantastic, you are good looking & talented ... what more can one ask for ... oops! sorry, I'm old & boring w/nothing better to do ... chuckle! Dying to see what you do with these gorgeous fabrics. I collect vintage feedsacks ...

    Happy Birthday.

    FREE PAINT OFFER ~ this is legit!

    Check it out ... TTFN ~Marydon

  3. Did you order all these luscious fabrics from one place? If so, would you mind sharing where?

  4. Hey Ryan, good for you. I have just found you and hope to visit often, I am adding you to my list of wonderful friends. Only just arrived and am happy with what I see already. What a lovely family picture that is. Jan in UK

  5. Wow.....when you go on a shopping spurlge you really know how to go on one!! Some awesome fabrics there and I am actually on a not buy fabric diet and use whats in my stash until December....gee..I dont know how I am going to do it after seeing all these gorgeous fabrics you tease me with!! Happy sewing and I look forward to seeing what you make with them all.

  6. Where did you order these fabrics? I would love to order some of the Deer Valley.

  7. Love your new additions! Can't wait to see what they become :)

  8. Ryan!!! I love your choice of fabrics. Happy Early Birthday to you!
    I had such a wonderful time browsing your blog. You're a man of many talents.

  9. Just found your blog Ryan and what a wunderful one it is...lovely family pictures...and this fabric you choose...what a beautyful colorpallet..I love the turquoise and chocolate fabric...well..all of that fabric you show here...its great!!..wonder what you are going to make with it...I am going to "follow"you if you dont I dont have to miss-out.
    greetings from the Netherlands...Francien.

  10. oh i am so jealous!! such yummies you make me want to run out and get them all too!
    i especially love that persimmon colorway

  11. I would also like to know where you got these great fat quarter assortments!

  12. You have great taste in fabric, or we just have the same bad taste! Love all your picks. :)


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