Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memorial Weekend Photos

Hey There Everyone - Here are some photos I promised from our Memorial Weekend trip to Lancaster, PA. We had a really good time this year. We always find something new to look at each time we visit.

Here is a picture of Me, Mandy, Rowan (with sunglasses) and Brennan (snoozing) in front of the big trout farm. We visit this spot every year. Rowan has fun feeding the trout. I like to swing on the chairs and visit the gift shop right next door. The weather was gorgeous this year!

Here is a few photos of Rowan and his new buddy Mallory (sp?). This is my stepmother's niece. She and Rowan got along so well. They had fun swinging on the swingset out back of the Traveler's Rest.

Last, here is a photo of Rowan next to the pig at the Hands-on House. A neat children's museum in PA.


  1. What great pics. Thanks for sharing.

    I need to get a pic. of Chris before he leaves again. I almost forgot what he looked liked this past time. lol

  2. Hey Ryan,
    Nice pictures , now I wonder where you got them from .....I am glad you enjoyed them.Just awaiting the Ice Aged 3d movie for our next adventure.


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