Thursday, July 2, 2009

You've Got Mail! New Fabrics!

DOUBLE THURSDAY GREETINGS EVERYONE - I know I already posted an update today, but I wanted to share with you what the mailman brought this morning. I wrote last week about some fabrics I ordered from the Deer Valley line by Joel Dewberry as a gift to myself for my birthday this month. Well, I also placed an order with Kristin of Sew, Mama, Sew. I know, shame on me and all that. You can't ever have enough fabric, right?:P

I'm still waiting on my Dewberry fabrics (I know it's been mailed and will probably be here tomorrow!!), but my order from Kristin arrived today. Just look at that stack of fabrics! I went through everything and LOVE them all. Great additions to my stash. Take a look!

Among the order you'll see a hefty serving of dots in all colors. Something I haven't had in my stash before. I also wanted to try some of the Jay McCarroll prints from the woodland wonderland line. One from Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl... They were having a sale on the Katie Jump rope line so I got some of them. The Monaco Peacocks in blue by Deena designs stands out...

I also picked up some new prints by Minny Muu. These my favs of the bunch.

Flower dots on red, white and blue...

Some cheese and mice on turquoise...

And finally, the best of show for this package. Elephant Alphabet in Brown! I am going to have a hard time cutting this one up. My son Rowan LOVES elephants!

Thanks for letting me gush about my fabric order. Stay tuned for the new giveaway announcement tomorrow!


  1. Love the elephants!!! They are great as are all the others in that excellent bundle!!! So jealous now!!! :-))

  2. So pretty. I bet you will make some nice things with those.

  3. oooooo...those mice and elephants are just darling. Can't wait to see your stash of Dewberry too. I noticed you have one of the wooden silhouettes in your etsy favorites...aren't those amazing AND well priced?

  4. Those little elephants are calling to me..... :)


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