Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #3 | October Swap is Posted!

HEY THERE QUILTING FRIENDS - I can't get over the change in temperature we've had here in upstate NY. I think the thermometer said 40 deg. this morning. Yowza! Our first fall frost is near! Time to start closing the windows before jumping in bed at night. The big maples that border our driveway are turning the most delightful shades of orange.

I posted the 3rd round of my 5" Noodle Swap on Swap-Bot today. Round 2 is underway and going along great with an international version added. Here are the links if anyone would like to get into swapping. It's very addicting and fun! We've got about 20 folks joining us from all over the world.

5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #3
5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #3 INTERNATIONAL


  1. I know you have discussed 5 inch noodles before. But I have forgotten what they are. Can you please refresh my memory? Thanks! Becky

  2. Hi Ryan, I have just signed up for the swap - my first!! I'm nervous! Debi


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