Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Arrived! My DQS7 Quilt!

I've been oogling all the wonderful quilts that people have been receiving over the last few weeks for the Doll Quilt Swap. There have been so many wonderful projects this round. I want to congratulate everyone for the awesome effort they put forth and share my gratitude to them for posting photos of their finished quilts. Thanks for all the inspiration folks! My "oohh I have to make that" list is a mile long.

The FedEx lady left me an extra special package on Thursday from Megan of Will Work For Fabric. Inside was my DQS7 Quilt, a bundle of fatties, a cow measuring tape (my 4 year old son has already claimed this as HIS) and a note. I had no idea what the package was when I picked it up in my entry because I was totally expecting the quilt to be mailed via USPS. I was doing the happy dance as soon as I opened it. What a wonderful quilt. I am so pleased with it and tickled that Megan was my secret partner. I've seen her blog before and spent hours going through her posts. She's a pattern designer, quilting teacher and lecturer, and creates the most amazing patchwork. Her lollipop quilt is one of my favorites. There probably isn't a magazine on the shelf without one of her patterns in it. Check out her amazing applique.

Loving the freehand machine quilting and accent fabric along the binding. The shades of blue and white she used makes this a perfect winter accent.

Just awesome all around. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Megan!!

I promise to elaborate more about my trip to the Binghamton quilting shop tomorrow. Till then...

Happy quilting,


  1. Thats a nice looking DQ. If you needa new home for it or the fatties, you have my address! Any chance of a video of you doing tha happy dance?

  2. My love for various patterns, fabrics, and styles changes over time, but I ALWAYS have a special place in my heart for blue and white quilts! Wonderful!

  3. What a beautiful quilt may be one day i can get to do as good but please don't hold your breath lol
    Hugs Janice

  4. I am with Greg, we need a video of that Happy Dance.
    Ha ha.

    The quilt is a tiny gem. Congrats.

  5. Beautiful quilt. You're so lucky :) And i love the little set of fabric she sent with it :)

  6. Beautiful blue quilt...enjoy your lovely gift!

  7. wow what a great mini you received! I remember when I first found your blog reading and drooling over all the mini quilts in the exchange you were participating in - since then I've made my very 1st mini recently and mailed it off to my partner this week... I am so anxious to hear from her on what she thinks of it. Our theme was "Fall" ;)

    We've also agreed to swap between us for Christmas... now I just need to find a pattern to use... I think I could get addicted to these tiny quilts! ;) thanks for the inspiration from you and your swap participants!

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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