Monday, October 19, 2009

String Quilt Blocks | Come Join Us!

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE - Did you get to spend some time sewing, crafting or quilting this weekend? I spent most of the weekend working for the FH, but did manage to sneak in a little sewing therapy on Sunday. Most of my projects are packed up in totes for the move to the new sewing space (I sure hope that happens real soon!). My machine, however, will remain in place till the day that move comes. This coming from the guy who got a spare machine to use because he couldn't stand to be without one during the yearly cleaning servicing appointment. Ha! The fate of my old quilt room has been decided (our new pantry/laundry area) and that project has begun as well. So you can imagine I'm feeling a little cramped for space right now.

I'm participating in a string quilt block swap over on Swap-Bot this month. Surprise, surprise! I just can't say no!! This swap is being hosted by a wonderful person named Jennifer (aka Crochetjunkie). These blocks are so fun and go very fast once you set up an "assembly line" for them. Each person needs to make 6 (6.5") blocks for 2 partners (12 blocks total commitment) from fabric you have on hand. I decided to bust into a "Fresh by Deb Strain" honeybun I've been saving. Now, technically these blocks should be made from scraps, but but a lot of the scraps I have are too short for the longer strips in the blocks. Also, we a using the foundation pieced method to make the blocks stronger. I just cut some muslin squares for mine.

In a relatively short period of time you can take strips of fabric like this:

Sew them to your foundation:

Get them all trimmed up:

And wind up with these:

I love the bright colors in this line! Jennifer started a second round for this swap if anyone wants to join. I've got to work on 6 more for my second partner tonight.

I also managed to quilt my STUD quilt for October. Here is a sneak peek of the back. Doesn't it look like little houses? Don't be fooled though, that design has nothing to do with the piecing on the front. It just turned out that way after turning the quilt over and upside down.

Happy quilting folks,


  1. The back of that quilt is such a tease. When are you going to show the other side?

  2. You got alot done .... I am sure will will be even more productive when you get to your new space.

  3. I love your string blocks Ryan, those colours are so fresh. I love the quilt design on the back, can't wait to see the front!

  4. Your string blokck are great Ryan. Love the colors! Can't wait to see the front of the quilt.

  5. Ryan, I just love those string blocks they are so bright and fun! Perfect for a swap. I look forward to seeing the front of your stud quilt.

  6. you have a lucky swap partner! who wouldn't love to get those lovely blocks in the mail?! You accomplished way more than I did this weekend...

  7. aren't sting blocks the perfect "mind-less" sewing project? ;) So fun and easy and look awesome in a countless number of arrangements!! what's not to love?

    oh.. and your square up ruler you showed.. I almost didn't even see it! love that it only has the vital markings for squaring up!!! where did you find it? who's it by??? what sizes are they available in???

    Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  8. I love string blocks, yours are so pretty. Your cutting mat is such a neat color!

  9. The quilting is so nifty! I'm always too intimidated to try something less abstract - maybe next time! Thanks for the inspiration!

  10. The blocks look so flat -- perfect. It'll be so nice. I like that ruler too. :-)

  11. Ryan, I'm so glad to see that you are quilting and enjoying it! My husband quilts too! I can't tell you how much I enjoy him sharing my hobby. We have loads of fun! He is much better at mixing colors than I am. I am much better at doing the binding. So I guess you can figure out pretty fast that we help each other in our weaker areas.

  12. Your Blocks look great. Very bright & colorful. I just found this style of blocks tonight & can't wait to try it out!


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