Saturday, February 28, 2009

March Giveaway

Greetings All - That last giveaway was so much fun! I almost missed the drawing as I was busy quilting away for an etsy order that came in recently. I was working on a few quilted mouse pads. I like these little buggers so much, that I decided to offer them for my March giveaway! How do you like that? These pads work great for the laser type mice. If you have the old roller ball type, they might not work so well.

I have been offering these mats as candle mats and hot mats for quite some time now. One day, I was using my computer and looked down to a faded and cracked old freebie mouse pad. You know, the ones you get for free at shops, banks and the occasional computer store? Disgusted, I tossed the pad thinking I would find another when out shopping with the fam. Well, those of you who know me know that I can be quite forgetful if I don't write something down. Sure enough, I didn't add it to my list and I FORGOT one while out. Next time I sat down to use the computer there was NO mouse pad and I was quite upset with myself. I sat there fuming for a few minutes and glanced around the room. I had a stack of newly quilted mats ready for a local shop and the light bulb when off! I snatched one and have been using one as a mouse pad ever since!

So, for this giveaway, the lucky winner will get a handy dandy quilted mouse pad in scrappy colors (yours will be finished, I promise) AND one of our popular foil cupcake tarts AND a set of EASTER mini vintage postcards AND a set of our fantasy wings hang tags!

Same rules as last time folks! Everyone can enter up to 4 times in the following ways. You don't need to have a blog to win:

1. Send me an email to enter at
2. Post a comment below to the blog.
3. Become a follower of my blog (in the right hand column) if you are a follower you get 1 automatic entry.
4. Post the giveaway on your blog along with the giveaway image above (click the image to enlarge and save) and let me know so I can add your name again.

The winner will be chosen at random on Tuesday, MARCH 31, 2009. I will post the winner here on the blog as well as announce the giveaway for the upcoming month.


And the Winner Is!

Drum roll please... The WINNER of the first ever I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts blog giveaway is:

Dana of Magick Moon Soap Wurks

Congratulations Dana! We will contact you shortly. Look for our email. This loot will be packed up and sent to Dana on Monday! Enjoy!Got addy - tags sent!

And since this is our first giveaway, we've chosen TWELVE, that's right, TWELVE additional name as runners up who will each be receiving a V-Day tag set to tuck away for next year! Those SURPRISE winners are:

Kelly of City Life to Country WifeGot addy - tags sent!

Birgit of The Primitive Country BugGot addy - tags sent!

Lauren of Simple BlessingsGot addy - tags sent!

Lisa S. of Mom of 2 Boys, Wife of 1Got addy - tags sent!

Lorraine of PiECAke PRiMiTiVESGot addy - tags sent!

Tamara B. of Pensacola, Fl Got addy - tags sent!

Beth of Wee PereasGot addy - tags sent!

Kathleen of Gabriella's ClosetGot addy - tags sent!

Joy of Joy to the BlogGot addy - tags sent!

Kristie of Insomniac Scrapbook Theater Got addy - tags sent!

Jean Elizabeth of Lilac Lane LiveryGot addy - tags sent!

Sue of Oodlekadoodle PrimsGot addy - tags sent!

If we don't have your email, please contact us.

Thanks to everyone who entered our giveaway this month. Stay tuned for the announcement of our next giveaway!

Today is the Day!!

Greetings Everyone - today is the day that we pick a winner for our 1st ever blog giveaway here on I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts. The contest is open till 7 PM my time (Eastern Time) to let all those last minute entries in! Tell your friends, tell your relatives cuz we will be doing this EVERY MONTH!! I love giving stuff away!

At this point we have over 141 entries. Way to go! I'll check back in with everyone a little later. I'll be in the candle corner all day pouring wholesale orders. The blog will be on the computer screen so stop by and say hello!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Candle Corner

We constantly get questions and often exclamations from friends and family when they find out we sell gifts and decor for the home. And they really can't believe we make most everything ourselves. We'll here's some proof guys! Our "candle corner." It's not much, but it serves it's purpose. We pour each batch of candles we make the old fashioned way. One at a time!


Greetings fellow bloggers! I have been rather busy lately and have neglected updating all my bloggy fans of all the great happenings here in the CCC headquarters. So sorry! I will post more about my distraction a little later.

The baby countdown is still on. We should welcome our new son any time now.

Just wanted to remind everyone stopping by that our February Giveaway will end in 6 DAYS!! Hurry and sign up to get your chance at winning! Also stay tuned for the new March giveaway announcement.

Even though Easter is a few months away, we have been busy filling wholesale orders for Easter tarts. Don't they look cute? We have so much fun pouring these little tarts. We need to keep a close eye on our son as well. He wants to snatch them to play with when we're not looking!! Stop by our website to order early for delivery by Easter. They are available retail and wholesale.

We've been adding lots of St. Patrick's Day items to our Etsy, eBay and www. shops. Lots of new tags and vintage postcard reproductions are available for all your crafting needs.

We've designed 2 tag sets for this years St. Pats holiday. They feature 8 different vintage postcard images affixed to our grubby coffee stained tags. These tags work great to give to friends and family during the holidays. You can decorate your home or practically do anything. We have 2 versions available. 2 sets with glitter glass and 2 sets without.

We also started offering sets of Mini Postcards laser printed on 110 lb. cardstock available in sets of 16 for only $3.95. These work well to cut down for atcs, scrapbook pages, etc... We will start adding sets for every holiday as they arrive.

We are again swapping St. Pats ATC's with anyone who wants to. Please leave a comment on our blog or email me at ryanwalsh (at) stny dot rr dot com.

Later gaters!
Ryan @ Catskill Country Cupboard

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Just wanted to remind all visitors to sign up for our February Giveaway! CLICK HERE.

Also, I am swapping ATCs for Valentine's with anyone who is interested. Just comment on the appropriate post. CLICK HERE

Have a happy Saturday everyone!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

A View Around Our Home.... Let's Start in the Dining Room.

Welcome! Come on in! You've arrived just in time for coffee. Let me show you around.

This hutch in our dining room was an auction find. We haven't done a thing to it. As my wife says it was made for me. It's GREEN and CHIPPY! A prim delight!

I've purchased this burgundy candle box from one of my favorite eBay sellers (Winterberry Prims). They do very nice reproductions. I placed some antique mashers in it and draped an antique doily over the side. The dough bowl is a new old piece. I piled some burgundy dried pomegranates inside. The sweet annie wreath I also found on eBay. Behind the wreath, inside the hutch is some of our depression glass. I've also stacked some antique wooden silverware trays for some color.

That linen runner under the dough bowl was found at an antique shop. I couldn't get over how vibrant the fabrics were still. All those flowers are hand stitched on. The stains make it all the more interesting.

In one corner of the dining room we put the very first piece of furniture my wife and I bought after we were married. We saw this reproduction curved front china cabinet at a local antique shop and had to have it. We needed a spot to display all our wedding china. I think my wife did a great job arranging the dishes. Don't mind the dog bowl in the bottom right corner! The GREEN hanging cupboard and black peg rack were etsy finds (Francisco Woodworks).

In the opposite corner of the rather small cramped (as my wife says) dining room is another black plate shelf from Francisco Woodworks and an old dry sink my mother gave us. I tried to start an enamelware teapot collection. What I have so far is on top.

Rowan enjoying a conversation with Gramma Jordan.

Lastly, here is a wall shelf; also from Francisco Woodworks. I use this as a display shelf or gathering shelf. On it I put my new finds, some holiday seasonal stuff and we normally hang Rowan's artwork from daycare on the pegs (looks like mommy just cleaned it off). Must be getting ready for Valentine stuff.

Oh, and here is a picture of a bakers rack we placed on top of our pie safe. The scissor holder in the bottom left corner my wife's grandmother painted. She is also a crafter and normally makes things for everyone in the family for Christmas. We got this holder last year. It's GREEN!

A Daily Ritual at Our Dinner Table

This is the company we get from our terrier Fiona every time we sit down for a meal. She is always right under or near our 3 year old. Man, she has him pegged! Guaranteed meal! Don't let her fool you with those "feed me please, I'm a starving mutt" eyes. She's a porker!

Swap Anyone?

Greetings Fellow Bloggers! I was home today with my son who has been sick for the past week. Today was my day. My sister in law stayed with him on Mon and Tue, my wife on Wed. Gotta love daycare to bring home and share all those nice germies!

While he was down for the count I did manage to get some things done on the crafty side of things. I ordered some paper items from Brambleberry Lane last week and they arrived in the mail yesterday. They have such a neat selection of items in their shop. And the best part is they are also in upstate NY so I get my goodies FAST!

I wanted to try my hand at ATC cards. Here's what I managed to come up with. The German glitter glass was flying everywhere! My wife already snagged one for her desk at work. Anyone interested in swapping cards for Valentine's? I would LOVE it if you dropped me a note. This is an unorganized, no pressure swap. One on one.

I LOVE GETTING MAIL - My address is: Catskill Country Cupboard - 131 Main Street, Delhi, NY 13753. ryanwalsh at stny dot rr dot com

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Insomniac Scrapbook Theater Giveaway

Greetings Again! My friend Kristie over at Insomniac Scrapbook Theater has gotten the giveaway bug too! Must be all the cold weather and being stuck indoors! Ha! Follow my link and check out this great looking pendant she has to offer everyone. Her work available in her etsy shop is top knotch! My wife loves her earrings. She's even been published in Bead Trends Magazine. GOOD LUCK! Contest ends Feb. 28th.


Blog Giveaway & Other Stuff

WOW! I'm so excited to see all the entries that have come pouring in so far! Thanks to everyone who is passing the word along! And a cheery hello to all the new followers.

You may all remember a post a week or two ago about some new fabric assortments arriving. I've been just itching to sit at the sewing machine to create some new items for the shop. With the spring wholesale rush on, those days creating have been very few. I did manage to get some new tag sets uploaded to our etsy shop and our website.

I use these tags in our home to decorate for the holidays. It's an easy way to add some cheer to a room. We have a pine garland above the sliding glass door in the dining room. I hang the tags along it and just change them out for each season.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

February Giveaway

We are excited to announce our first monthly giveaway here at the I'm Just a Guy Who Quilts Blog. We have several products from our Catskill Country Cupboard shop to share with everyone. Hmmm... lets see what goodies we can find.

In this goody lot, the winner will receive 1 of our super scented Grubby Candles in Pink Sugar scent, 2 different sets of Valentines tags, 1 package of our Apple Pie Simmering Blends, 2 of our Foil Cupcake Tarts, and a Berry Vine kitchen dishtowel.

We wanted to start the giveaways off with a big offer. Everyone can enter up to 4 times in the following ways:

1. Send me an email to enter at
2. Post a comment below to the blog.
3. Become a follower of my blog (in the right hand column) if you are a follower you get 1 automatic entry.
4. Post the giveaway on your blog along with the giveaway image above (click the image to enlarge and save) and let me know so I can add your name again.

The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday, FEBRUARY 28, 2009. I will post the winner here on the blog as well as announce the giveaway for the upcoming month.

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