Sunday, July 26, 2009

We're Baaaack! With a Vengeance!

SUNDAY NIGHT GREETINGS ALL - Whew, those last few days were a whirlwind! After spending the past 2 days in the car, I am happy to say we are back home. Yay! I love vacation, but also love sleeping in my own bed. It's good to be home!

I have lots to catch you up on. The last time we spoke was Wednesday and so much has happened since then. I never did make it to that last fabric shop. The kiddos and the DW had other plans for me. Beachy plans... It's not a total loss though. I visited 1 LQS on our vacation and as long as that other shop stays open, I'll see 'em next year!

The last 2 days of our vacation were spent trying to fit in every last bit of activity we had on our to do list. A lot of beaching, a few visits to the souvenir shop and packing and re packing the car for the trip home Friday afternoon. That was a fiasco! I spent at least an hour scratching my noggin, asking myself 2 questions!! Did we really bring that much stuff with us? How do you ever expect me to fit that in the car safely?

Here are some photo highlights of the last few days of our vacation.

Daddy and Brennan spending some quality time together under the umbrella...

Looks like someone is tired out...

Rowan sticks pretty close to Gaga...

We ended up staying for a total of 7 days (Saturday to Friday). Just enough time to get relaxed. We said goodbye to the house on Friday after lunch and drove 6 hrs north to Delaware to spend the night at my mother's. Rowan's birthday was on Saturday so we had dinner and cake for him. And more presents! The lucky duck. Gramma Jordan, Grandpa Bob, and aunts Kellie and Erin were happy to see us.

We packed up again on Saturday afternoon to travel another 6 hrs north to Binghamton, NY. We stopped to have dinner with my cousin Adrienne and her family. Aunt Joy (my mother's sister, Adrienne's mom) made a nice dinner of grilled pork tenderloin and veggies with sweet potato fries. We stayed and visited for a few hours and left around 11 pm with the kiddos in tow. Another hour and 15 min. north and we were home. Yay! I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow!

I left the glorious un packing of the car job unfinished till today. Some things you just shouldn't rush... ha!

Today we slept in!! The DW and I went to the local Chopper to refill our cupboards. And found every excuse not to get back into work mode.

I got Barb, Barbara and Anna's prizes ready for mailing tomorrow. Lynn's will be ready by Wednesday. I need to go through our store inventory to put her goody box together. Then I can work on the 5 remaining care packages. Which reminds me! I need to draw 3 more names!

Well, I don't have time to do that tonight. I need to get a Sunday stash listing together, pack up some store orders that came in while we were away and get my ducks in a row for work tomorrow. Back to the grindstone!

Happy quilting all,

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beach Update, Fabric Shop Visit & 2 More Names!

WEDNESDAY BEACH GREETINGS FOLKS - Just another update for y'all down here from Kitty Hawk, NC. The sun is shining and the air is just right. Not too hot and not too humid either! It's about 6 PM here and we're just returning from a day filled with activity. We managed to go to the NC Aquarium (a favorite of Rowan's), have a nice lunch on the waterfront in Manteo and visit a quilt shop along the way.

Outer Banks Quilts & Antiques, 108 Sir Walter Raleigh St, Manteo, was our first stop of the day. This delightful shop was filled mostly with around 12 antique booths, but right in front was a nice size collection of fabrics and notions. They had an assortment of 30's prints, beach themed fabrics, traditional prints, and some antique quilts for sale. I took a few photos of the inside of the shop to share with everyone. The lady who showed us around was very nice, but I didn't manage to catch her name. Just click on the pictures for a larger view.

I thought this display of antique pot holders and hot mits was interesting. They attached them to the front of an antique quilt.

Here are some images and close-ups of various quilts my wife and I spotted throughout the shop.

This last photo with the log cabin quilt had such great colors don't you think? I didn't realize the picture wasn't of great quality until we got home. I wish I got a better picture of it. The owner let us know her husband made it!

We spent about an hour looking around the shop and ducking into every antique booth's corner. My son's Rowan and Brennan stayed in the car with Gaga and Grandpa Mark. One was sleeping and the other was in no mood to enter an antique store (safely!). And, you didn't think I could get through a quilt shop without purchasing something...

Here's what I nabbed. Some batik, 30's prints and a few more modern fat quarter pieces with 2 packages of vintage ric rack. Not too heavy on the wallet.

After we got back to the car someone mentioned that it was 12:30 and we hadn't had lunch yet. My wife pulled out a brochure she snagged in the shop from a Seafood joint on the water and off we went! Only three pictures were snapped while we were there. One of Gaga and Rowan looking at the boats, one of daddy and Brennan waiting for our lunch to arrive and one of Gaga and Rowan waiting for lunch.

Lunch was finished by 2:30 and we were at the NC Aquarium by 3. We've been to this place so many times in the last 6 years. Rowan has been there almost every year since he was born. It is a great family attraction, but it is rather on the small side. We can go through this place in an hour or so. It is filled with local fish, wildlife and sharks. The number one attraction for our family is the sting ray petting pool. It is located right in the middle of the building and is always swarmed with kiddos. Brennan and I stayed back on the benches while Rowan, Mommy and Aunt Marcie enjoyed the rays. Baby Brennan slept through the whole Aquarium.

So, here we are back at the Beach house. I'm looking forward to a nice dinner, some cool refreshments and a walk on the beach. But first I need to draw a few names. We got in late last night so I wasn't able to draw. That means I will select 2 names today for a SURPRISE goody package I will mail when we get back home.

Today's winners are...

Sandy of Quilting Nanny, who said...
Well kiddo you've done it .... I followed over from

I don't do the follow thing BUT I have added you to my so hope that counts.

Beautiful fabrics. So please throw me into the pot.


Jill of Ramblings of a Fabric Obsessor, who said...

Oh, man! This is bad! I don't *need* more fabric, but I am just a sucker for giveaways!! I am following and I posted about the giveaway on my blog, too.

Just pick me!!! :)


I haven't had one second to use my sewing machine while here. We've been way too busy during the day. I brought supplies and some blocks I've been working on for my STUD (Swap Till U Drop) mini quilt. I'll fit it in sometime. Can you imagine? Quilting with an ocean view. How wonderful!

Tomorrow I'm going to try and visit another quilt shop here in the OBX. Stay tuned for another tour! If I can find them!!

Happy quilting,

Monday, July 20, 2009


HAPPY MONDAY BEACH GREETINGS - With margarita in-hand and the kiddos off to bed, after a VERY eventful day, it is time to draw the winners for my July Birthday Giveaway! The time is here, yay!

First, I'd like to thank everyone for passing the word and joining in on this giveaway. Blogging has opened up an unimaginable quilting "know-how" resource and network of wonderful new friends to stay in touch with! I truly enjoy visiting each and every one of your creative blogs. I can spend hours admiring all the great projects and photos you post! So, a BIG thanks to you all. I am still trying to get through all the emails and comments and would love to respond to everyone. If I haven't spoken to you yet, please stay tuned!

Second, thanks for all the birthday wishes! I appreciate all the love sent my way!

Now, lets get down to business. I received a total of 653 entries into the drawing. I am going to draw a total of 9 names. That's right, I said 9!! I will draw 4 names today for the original 4 prizes for this giveaway. Over the next 5 days, I will select another name each day from the remaining entries. To those winners I will send a surprise package of goodies from my shop and sewing stash. It could be anything! How good is that?

Here goes...

The winner of PRIZE #1: A set of six (6) patriotic theme fat quarters is...

Barbara, who said...
Found your site from 'A Little of This and A Little of Pat' blog, love the fabrics, especially the patriotic ones. Thanks for the give-away and Happy Birthday.

The winner of PRIZE #2: A set of five (5) reproduction 30's prints fat quarters is...

Anna, who said...
Thanks for hosting such a nice giveaway- I loved the reproduction fabrics and am collecting star fabrics – a girl can never have too many stars..
Hope you have a great birthday.
Regards from a Western Canadian Quilter

The winner of PRIZE #3: A fabric charm pack from Moda's Folklorique line. 40 five inch squares is...

Barb of Barb's Creations, who said...

Love your blog,it's great to see a guy quilting. I came Via Tozz's blog. I've also become a follower,please enter me in your very generous giveaway.
I hope you have a fantastic day for your birthday as well.

The winner of PRIZE #4: A gathering of prim items from our shop including, a 30's print hot mat, a scented grubby candle, a package of apple pie simmering blends, and anything else I feel like adding from the shelf is...

Lynn of Diary of a Mad Quilter, who wrote...

Hi - I'll sign up as a follower (even though I am unofficially and always enjoy reading your blog). Thanks for doing this generous giveaway. Happy Birthday! Hey my word verification is needles - isn't that a good sewing omen?

CONGRATS TO ALL THE WINNERS!! THANKS FOR PLAYING ALONG!! Please contact me to claim your prizes if I haven't done so already. I reserve the right to redraw names if I don't hear from you by the end of the week. Please keep in mind that if you have your profile set to private or no reply (private email) I cannot contact you. Please email me at

I'm heading off to bed for the night. Keep in mind that I will be drawing additional names through Saturday!

Happy quilting,

Thursday, July 16, 2009


THURSDAY GREETINGS EVERYONE - Thanks to everybody for the wonderful Birthday wishes. Even though I spent my day at work, I felt like I was celebrating all day long when I was reading through the comments you left on my blog.

I wanted to take this moment to remind all my readers that the giveaway will officially end at midnight on Friday, July 17, 2009. Just to make it fair to everyone all comments posted after that time will not count. I am just amazed at the great response this has had. And a big WELCOME to all the new members. Make sure you take the opportunity to sign up as many times as you are able!

I know in the announcement I said the winners will be drawn on Friday. However, I've decided to draw the winners and post them to the blog on MONDAY, July 20, 2009. I need time to go through all the entries and give everyone the proper credit. Not to mention that I will be doing this drawing on the road. We leave for summer vacation on Friday morning at 8 AM SHARP!! We'll be in Kitty Hawk, NC beaching it for a week and soaking up the sun.

The sewing machine and selected fabrics from my stash will be coming with me to keep me sane among all the mass confusion that is our normal family vacations. You didn't think I'd leave the machine behind did you?!? I also found the address of a new fabric shop on the Outer Banks and pledge to visit it at least one day while I'm there!

Happy quilting,

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sunday Stash #2

SUNDAY STASH GREETINGS EVERYONE - Well, most of you know me so well by now...

Enough to know that I am such a perfectionist in all aspects of my life. I rework and rework things until they are perfect. I tend to make sure everything is symmetrical. It just about drives me nuts at times. Not to mention politely annoy my DW. Selecting which fabrics to buy is no exception. I tend to order entire lines of fabric to satisfy my OCD. I have such a hard time matching up fabrics at times that adding an entire line helps relieve my "stress" of matching prints up. I can take two fabrics from two separate lines, put them side by side, and to most folks they would match based on color or theme. I would eventually find some way to undo it by pointing out that those fabrics don't really match because one doesn't have the right shade of blue or the stripes are too thick. And it all breaks down from there. Thus leading to my twisted conclusion, if a fabric designer says that all the prints in their current line coordinate, they do. They are OK for me to put together even though some are paisley and some are polk-a-dots. In my brain they are labeled SAFE to use together. See, I told you I'm nuts. Maybe someone can come up with a clinical term for that someday!

That's why I tend to purchase fabric in FQs. I could never afford to buy yards of an entire line. I'll sometimes buy half yards If I really can't live without them. Anyway, I think that's what attracts me to Joel Dewberry fabrics so much. His recent line Deer Valley has what, about 15 or 16 different prints in each colorway? Yeah! More options for me to select fabrics and make my quilts less boring!

Remember that post a week or so ago about buying the azure and persimmon colorways of Deer Valley? I wrote that I didn't like the tarragon colorway at first glance...

Well, last Wednesday my OCD kicked in again...

I realized that my collection of Deer Valley wasn't complete without this third colorway. I had to have it just so I would feel complete. Just so I had the WHOLE collection.

Oh my gosh... I'm sooo bad! It's maddness I tell you.

The tarragon colorway of Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley is my recent stash addition.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Useless Trivia

Thanks to pat for sharing this on her blog!

Just thought this was a neat factiod:

At five minutes and six seconds after 4:00 a.m. on the 8th of July of this year, the time and date will be:

04:05:06 07/08/09

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Stash #1

SUNDAY STASH GREETINGS - I thought I'd share my recent stash additions with everyone. I posted a few days back that I ordered some of Joel Dewberry's new Deer Valley line. It came in the mail on Friday. I was so excited. The fabrics are as colorful as I hoped they would be. In the stash photo above you will see all the deer valley fat quarters stacked on the left. My other birthday fat quarters are stacked next to them. SMILES!!

I recently came across some blocks that John (AKA Quilt Dad) has made using Deer Valley. He is always so creative with his fabrics. I am constantly drawing inspiration from his flickr photostream. Maybe I'll get the nerve one of these days to cut into my Deer Valley. For now, I'd rather admire it all neatly folded on the shelf!

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July Saturday. I was able to get some projects finished up around the house in the morning. We ventured across town to my in law's in the afternoon for our annual BBQ. This year everyone wanted to do surf and turf. They ordered enough lobsters and potato salad to feed a small army! No seafood for me though, blech!! I've never liked any kind of seafood. My mother in law also made a pot roast so I was happy.

Sunday brought some more time in the sewing room. I've started and almost finished a top for my sister in law. She recently moved into a new apartment and I wanted to make her something for lounging on her couch. I'll post some photos later after I finish the piecing. I need to pick the backing fabric as well. Hope she likes it.

Make sure you go to my July Birthday Giveaway post and leave a comment to sign up!!

Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

I probably won't be around much on the 4th, so I wanted to wish everyone a SAFE and joyous Independence Day! Hope your day is filled with lots of watermelon eating, finger lickin' BBQ and cool refreshments. We'll be out enjoying the weather and visiting with family and friends.

I pulled some vintage images to share to get everyone in the festive spirit.

Good ole Uncle Sam proudly declaring our independence...

A happy caroling youth dressed in red white and blue...

A festive little drummer boy marching along...

And lastly, the grand finish with a fantastic fireworks display! Enjoy!

Remember to sign up for my SUPER DUPER Birthday Giveaway mentioned in the previous post!


Hiya Folks - It's that time again! Are y'all ready for another giveaway?!?! It just so happens that JULY is also my birthday month. Yep, I'm one year older on the 14th so... I thought I'd help celebrate that with a SUPER DUPER giveaway! How does that sound to you?

Alright, lets get down to the nitty gritty. In the past I've let the giveaway run for an entire month which drew things out and gave people a chance to hear about it and enter. I also gave everyone who follows an automatic entry into the giveaway. I still like the idea of giving the followers an automatic, but I think I will limit the giveaway signup period to 2 weeks. That way y'all can get your goodies sooner and start enjoying them. How great is that?

Here are the loot/booty/goodie packages you can win (in no particular order). I am giving away 4 (OR MAYBE MORE!?!?!) different prizes to four lucky folks.

PRIZE #1: A set of six (6) patriotic theme fat quarters. HAPPY JULY 4th!!

PRIZE #2: A set of five (5) reproduction 30's prints fat quarters.

PRIZE #3: A fabric charm pack from Moda's Folklorique line. 40 five inch squares.

PRIZE #4: A gathering of prim items from our shop including, a 30's print hot mat, a scented grubby candle, a package of apple pie simmering blends, and anything else I feel like adding from the shelf. This will be a complete surprise. No peeks!

Oh, and just so you know, I always put lots of extras in all my care packages. Who knows, I may even draw a few extra names to give away some SUPER DUPER SURPRISE items!

Everyone can enter up to 4 times in the following ways. You don't need to have a blog to win:

1. Send me an email to enter at
2. Post a comment below (ON THIS POST ONLY) to the blog.
3. Become a follower of my blog (in the right hand column) if you are a follower you get 1 automatic entry.
4. Post the giveaway on your blog along with all or one of the giveaway images above (click the image to enlarge and save) and let me know so I can add your name again.

The winner will be chosen at random on Friday, JULY 17, 2009. I will post the winner here on the blog as well as announce the giveaway for the upcoming month.


Thursday, July 2, 2009

You've Got Mail! New Fabrics!

DOUBLE THURSDAY GREETINGS EVERYONE - I know I already posted an update today, but I wanted to share with you what the mailman brought this morning. I wrote last week about some fabrics I ordered from the Deer Valley line by Joel Dewberry as a gift to myself for my birthday this month. Well, I also placed an order with Kristin of Sew, Mama, Sew. I know, shame on me and all that. You can't ever have enough fabric, right?:P

I'm still waiting on my Dewberry fabrics (I know it's been mailed and will probably be here tomorrow!!), but my order from Kristin arrived today. Just look at that stack of fabrics! I went through everything and LOVE them all. Great additions to my stash. Take a look!

Among the order you'll see a hefty serving of dots in all colors. Something I haven't had in my stash before. I also wanted to try some of the Jay McCarroll prints from the woodland wonderland line. One from Alexander Henry's Spotted Owl... They were having a sale on the Katie Jump rope line so I got some of them. The Monaco Peacocks in blue by Deena designs stands out...

I also picked up some new prints by Minny Muu. These my favs of the bunch.

Flower dots on red, white and blue...

Some cheese and mice on turquoise...

And finally, the best of show for this package. Elephant Alphabet in Brown! I am going to have a hard time cutting this one up. My son Rowan LOVES elephants!

Thanks for letting me gush about my fabric order. Stay tuned for the new giveaway announcement tomorrow!

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