Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Giveaway Time Again! 2010 Sewing Day to Day Calendar

GIVEAWAY GREETINGS FRIENDS - Summer is almost officially over. Our local county fair has come and gone again which traditionally signals the end of the season here in my neck of the woods. Soon the leaves will start to change and the cool evenings will lull us to sleep. It's been hot and wet the last month and I'd love to celebrate the cooler weather approaching by having a giveaway.

When the snow flies and the chilly days force you to take shelter indoors, wouldn't it be great to have a copy of this new 2010 calendar to keep you busy? I have a relative in the "book business" who thought of me when they came across this title. She sent me a copy to keep and 2 copies to pass along to friends. How lucky for you!

I've been going through this calendar and have to say I am quite impressed. There are more than a few projects I'd like to try. I know several crafters who also have blogs are contributors to this bundle. Please stop by and say "Hi" if you have a pattern in this collection. We'd like to know more about you.

Sewing: 2010 Day-to-Day Calendar


Don't throw yesterday away--just thread it into today's easiest and most inspired projects.

Create practical yet stylish items for everyday home use and imaginative gifts for your loved ones. From place mats and aprons, to tote bags and pet beds, there are fun sewing projects for everyone.


* More than 100 sewing projects with easy-to-follow instructions

* A glossary of simple sewing techniques

* Pattern pages that open to 8.5" x 11"

Same rules as all my other giveaways:

Everyone can enter up to 4 times in the following ways. You don't need to have a blog to win:

1. Send me an email to enter at
2. Post a comment below (ON THIS POST ONLY) to the blog.
3. Become a follower of my blog (in the right hand column) if you are a follower you get 1 automatic entry.
4. Post the giveaway on your blog along with one of the giveaway images above (click the image to enlarge and save) and let me know so I can add your name again.

2 winners will be chosen at random on Saturday, September 12, 2009. I will post the winners here on the blog. They must contact me to claim their prizes within 1 week or I reserve the right to re-draw another winner(s). Check in often!


Monday, August 24, 2009

DQS7 Sneak Peek

Here is a sneak peek at the fabrics I'm using to make my DQS7 Quilt. I hope my partner likes these colors. The solid fabric is a linen blend.

Kerri from lovely little handmades should recognize the charm squares!

I have 2 weeks to piece and finish the top. Way to wait till the last minute! I'm such a procrastinator...

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday Stash #4 & DQS7

SUNDAY STASH GREETINGS - While browsing etsy the other day, I came across this wonderful quilt made by Carly who has an etsy shop called Quiltville. She lives in Wisconsin and makes the neatest quilts using her own patterns.

This particular quilt I just fell in love with. It doesn't hurt that she pieced the top using Joel Dewberry fabrics! And she even used my current favorite line of his, Deer Valley. I got so excited when I saw the quilt. But was also saddened when I realized I didn't have an extra $195.00 laying around to buy it. Believe me, If I had the cold hard cash that sucker would be mine lickety split! It's a great price!

The pattern she used is called dancing patchwork. She designed it herself. I wandered around her store a bit and found several other quilts she made using the same pattern. Go look at them. They are sooooo cute. Since I couldn't justify ordering the quilt, I ordered a pattern instead. I think this will be the perfect use of some of the new Deer Valley line.

I haven't decided if I am going to use a few fabrics from each colorway for one quilt, or make 3 quilts (one for each colorway).

I can't wait to get the pattern!

NOTE: I wanted to respect copyright laws and wasn't sure If I had permission, so I posted only links to my stash addition (the pattern). Have fun looking at Carly's shop.

Also, hopefully this week I can start updating everyone about my DQS7 quilt. I am so happy to be included in this round. I've been following along for a few rounds and was able to stick my foot in the door this time. I have everything planned out and my fabric arrived on Friday, yay! So stay tuned! I have to stop oogling all the quilts everyone has been posting on the group page so far. I couldn't possibly hold a candle to the awesome stuff that's been shown. Way to go everyone!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My New Alvin Cutting Mat

WEDNESDAY GREETINGS - (Please excuse the bad photos, I never claimed to be a wonderful photographer) I arrived home a little early today to find a surprise waiting in the back entry. My new Alvin Cutting Mat arrived. Woo hoo! It doesn't take much to get me excited. Are any of you familiar with this company?

I am in the process of moving my quilting space to a bigger room in our house. We're just about ready to start the project and I have a short list of things I wanted to do differently for this room. One item on my list is to have a dedicated cutting table. I wasn't happy with the $12 Wal-Mart special cutting mats I've been using (I'm on my second one this year already). I tend to be rather rough on them (a little over zealous with the rotary blade, I guess).

I saw John's post about finding a few work tables at a state salvage yard and made a mental note to check out any leads on state salvage in my area. I was sure I could score some good deals but then I remembered we had a maple dining room table in our storage area. I dug it out and it turns out that it would make the perfect cutting table. The height is just right and it's very sturdy. Yay! No need to lug a table from Albany NY Salvage. I'll use what I have on hand.

My next dilemma was finding a mat that fit the table top. The surface of the table is 30" x 42". Just the right size to handle a yard of fabric off the bolt. I knew there must be some place online I could get a custom size mat and sure enough there was. I typed in custom cutting mats in google and was the first site that popped up. I typed in the dimensions I needed in their calculator and they quoted me a price of $99.00 (on sale, regularly $115.00). I didn't think that was bad at all considering it was custom to order, was reversible (green on one side/gray on the other) and had 3 layers. This mat is REALLY heavy. I was surprised by its weight when I was removing the packaging.

Cool beans! One item checked off my list! Other things on my must-have list for the new quilting space:

1. Aqua walls with white trim (my current room is beige, not very creative and too blah!).
2. Hardwood floors (no more carpeting!).
3. LOTS of Light (natural and ott).
4. Enclosed fabric storage (windowed doors so I can see my fabric and keep it dust free).
5. Rolling scrap bin so it can follow me around the room (I keep everything bigger than 1/2 in.)
6. Expandable multi paneled design wall (I'm always working on more than one project at a time).
7. Rectangular topped ironing board (not the tapered ones you normally see).

Saturday, August 8, 2009

My July 2009 STUD Quilt

I was paired up with Kimmie this time around for the July 2009 Swap Til You Drop (STUD) mini exchange on flickr. She let me know she received her package last week so I thought I'd share what I sent her. The theme for this round was "Summer Lovin." I added some hearts and used some bright 30's fabric. I used a strip of the binding fabric as an artistic element and offset it from the center. Here are some closeups...

I had a few issues with the quilting on my machine. I didn't baste the layers well enough to hold them together. The top fabric dragged along and overlapped in places. Overall I was happy enough with it to send it along to its new home. I hope Kimmie enjoys it for many years to come.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Join Me! I'm Hosting a Fabric Swap on Swap-Bot!

GREETINGS QUILTING FRIENDS - The swap bug has bitten big time. I posted a while back about a neat site called Swap-Bot. There are literally 600 or so swaps at any given time that you can join in on. If you haven't visited this site, you don't know what you've been missing.

Everything is completely automated and YOU just play along and have fun. I wanted to let everyone know that I have started my own 5" Monthly Fabric Noodle swap there. Here are the details of the swap from Swap-Bot:

"Hello there all you quiltaholics! Are you ready for another great quilting related swap!?!

I decided to start a simple monthly fabric strip swap. In my quilting circles we've always called them NOODLES. We love noodles. They are so versatile!

What can you do with a 5" noodle? Cut them in half to make (2) 2.5" noodles. Great for strip quilts! Cut them in half again to make (4) 1.25" noodles. Great for log cabin blocks! Cut them up into 5" charm squares for half square triangles. Great all around!! Need I say more?!?!

Every participant will take one yard of fabric of their choice. After washing and pressing, cut your 5" noodles by WOF (width of fabric). You should end up with 6 noodles and a little left over. Save one noodle for yourself and send the remaining 5 noodles to your 5 partners. That's right, I said you will have 5 partners!

Just think of how happy you will be when you get 5 envelopes containing 5 different fabric noodles in the weeks ahead!


Here are the requirements:

1. All Fabric must be Quilt Shop Quality, 100% cotton. Please wash and iron before cutting. We don't want any surprise bleeds, runs or puckering that can happen when using unwashed fabric.

2. Please try to be very careful when cutting to make sure your strips are straight and 5" wide the entire length of the noodle. After you cut your strips, please open them out to be sure that they are STRAIGHT with no V's or curves in them!


4. I will allow newbies with a fully filled out profile for this swap. I know I was frustrated when I first started and no one would let me swap because I was new. BUT, if you flake or have a shady profile I will drop you.


So, if you are feeling adventurous and want to join in the fun follow this link:

The Very Versatile 5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Sunday Stash #3

SUNDAY STASH GREETINGS QUILTAHOLICS - Take a peek into my drawers! Ha ha! The picture above shows my Gramma Walsh's badge from her days as a member of the Delaware County Town and Country Quilters. She watches over me every time I quilt as it hangs above my sewing table. She created it herself when she became a member.

My gramma Walsh passed away a few years ago. We gathered as a family to discuss separating her estate a few days after her burial. My mom and step-dad asked me what I wanted of hers and I said "The dining room table and chairs, her quilting supplies, and the clock that hung on the wall in her den."

I keep all her quilting and sewing supplies in a multi drawer cabinet on the wall.

They are a very important and special part of my stash.

My July 2009 STUD Quilt from Kimmie

I wanted to share this mini quilt I received from Kimmie for the July 2009 STUD (Swap till you Drop) group on Flickr. Isn't it Gorgeous? The theme this month was Summer Lovin'. Love the oranges and greens. Very romantic!

She also sent along some goodies. I forgot to take a pic of them, so I borrowed the one she took. My son quickly grabbed up the kaleidoscope and proclaimed that it was NEATO!! Thanks for being so generous Kimmie!

I subscribe to Mark's Quilter's Home Mag. He is the greatest! I will be sure to pass this mag along to someone who doesn't have it already.

Happy quilting folks,

Workaholics Anonymous! And THREE more names!

HOWDY ALL (FROM MY CHAIR IN THE FRONT ROW OF THE WORKAHOLICS ANONYMOUS MEETING) - Yowza! I know I'm preachin' to the choir here, but have you ever had one of those weeks where it felt like you were trying to fit 2 weeks of stuff into one? Ack! I had one of those weeks THIS week in fact. Feels like payback for that week of vacation I took recently. I now know why I'm such a home body. I have WAY too much stuff to get done!

I have one of those desks at work that is a magnet for unfinished stuff that no one else seems to want to take care of. I've looked all over the office for a sign that says PLACE YOUR UNWANTED WORK HERE, RYAN WILL TAKE CARE OF IT, but alas none was found. I swear someone plops it on my desk as soon as I leave the building. I get a list of phone messages that's a mile long with notes from so and so about this and that. I think other folks are perfectly capable of answering questions around here. Even the simple yes and no ones!! Everyone's standard reply is, "Mr. Walsh is away this week, we'll take a message and when he returns he'll call you back." Arghhh!!

I LOVE my job. Being busy certainly makes the work week go by faster, but does anything get done around here when I'm gone?!?!

I feel like pulling a daffy duck, wohoo-ing and bouncing around all over the place. Ha! Well, thanks for letting me get that off my chest. And thanks to those who wrote asking me if everything was OK because they haven't heard from me in a while. I'm still here working through all this. I don't have that terrible flu that everyone's been getting lately. Well wishes go out to everyone who has been down and out with that. Yuck!

I managed to miss my opening yet again for the Doll Quilt Swap over on flickr. John (Quilt Dad) sent me a message that signups were now open. I got it the day before we were leaving for vacation. I didn't have time to fulfill all the requirements so I'll have to follow along for now.

I've also had many questions from folks asking me where that second fabric shop is I found on the Outer Banks. It's called Funtastic Fabrics. I didn't get a chance to visit it, but here is the address if y'all want to check it out. 102 Chicahauk Trl, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949-3519. (252) 261-7393

I owe you three more names for the giveaway. The prizes for Barb, Barbara, Anna and Lynn were mailed last week!

The final three are:

JuliaP who wrote:

Just signed up for your blog. looks interesting. Happy Birthday


Liz Schaffner, who wrote:

Happy Birthday Ryan!
I just discovered your Blog and I find is super cool that you quilt !! :-)
Please enter me in your drawing (I would love to win the charms ( have never had any)I have posted about your drawing on my blog.
Crossing my fingers!!

and finally, Sue, who wrote:

Happy Bastille Birthday Ryan and thanks for the entries in your draw.


See you later for Sunday Stash!

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