Friday, September 25, 2009

Family Excitment | A Broken Collar Bone

Greetings Everyone - It's been VERY hectic in the Walsh household over the last week. Our youngest, Brennan (6 months) rolled off his changing table while mom was diapering him on Wednesday night. The little daredevil has been really active over the last month trying to crawl and wanting to be mobile like his big brother Rowan.

Mandy had him on the changing table after dinner. She looked away to get a clean diaper above the table and in seconds he was on the floor. The poor guy seemed fine when we checked his reflexes and alertness. He was consolable, nursed fine and there was no bruising. His room is carpeted with a thick pad underneath. He woke up several times after putting him to bed an hour later so we called the doctor to explain what happened. He told us to go to the ER and have an x-ray. The PA diagnosed a broken collar bone. They just let them heal naturally with no medical intervention. 4 weeeks is the healing time. Poor little guy. Brennan is home and fine with mom who has been beating herself up over this. I told her it was an accident and these things happen all the time. They both are better today.

We have a follow-up appointment with an orthopedist today and will update everyone.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Placemat Update | Got Them Quilted, Binding Next

I managed to get further along on my "to do" list diversion. Who needs to take care of the important stuff around the house when there's a quilt project to finish!?!?

I had fun quilting these place mats with one of the stitches on my machine. I've owned this Kenmore for over a year and have only used about 6 of the many included.

Here's the front with a closeup of the stitching.

Here's the back.

I'm trying to decide on a binding. I think maybe a dark brown like I used for the stitching. Maybe it would bring the design out a little more.

Here's a picture of Rowan and baby Brennan fooling around in the den. Brennan gets a kick out of his big brother Rowan.

Happy quilting,

Catching Up Sunday | A Few Things I've Been Meaning to Post

Another Sunday here in the country. Chilly again this morning. I was smart enough to close the windows before bed time last night. No frozen toes peeking out of the blankies!

Sundays are usually my day to play catch-up. If the phone doesn't ring and call me into work, I can finish what I've been working on over the last few days. I have a few things I've been meaning to share with everyone over this past week. One of them is that great quilt shop I visited in Binghamton, but you'll have to wait a little later in the post for that.

First off, check out these great sunflowers sent to me by Diana of Hidden Farm Primitives. I've been following her blog for a while now and happened across her website after she placed an order from mine. I mentioned to her that we should do a trade sometime and these appeared in my mailbox a few days later. What a gem you are Diana! I've been working on a THANK YOU package for her and am still finishing it up.

My DW and sons spent the day yesterday over at Gaga and Grampa Mark's house in a canning frenzy! Every year they get a few bushels of tomatoes, corn and apples. They spend the entire weekend making corn for freezing, canned pasta sauce and canned applesauce. They love it. I just try and stay outta the way! The pasta sauce is great and it usually lasts us all winter and into the summer.

While I was home watching the phones for the FH and trying hard not to accomplish anything, I started a fall place mat project. Our entryway needs cleaning (it's full of leaves), the dining room needs to be spackled because we took the wallpaper down, carpeting needs to be taken up in my new quilting space, etc. I have a list a mile long. Like I need another project to start. I haven't even started that Schnibbles quilt yet!

Anyway, I was going through some of my FQs and grabbing all the fall prints. I just signed up for a Fall FQ swap over on Swap-Bot. Of course I got side tracked when I was ravaging my FQ stash. I got to thinking how nice these would look as simple place mats. I cut some of them up as strips and this is what I have so far. I made 2 and have 2 more to go. I may get them finished this weekend.

Enough of my ramblings already, I want to tell you about the shop my Aunt and I visited last weekend. It's in Johnson City (a suburb of Binghamton) and it's called Sew Many Quilts. This was my first visit and we were the only folks in the store. We got the whole place to ourselves!

Here are some photos from their web page. They really have put a lot of thought into the store. They have a wonderful newsletter, a ton of classes with a giant classroom and they even give you a discount on your birthday! They also have a reward program that issues you gift certificates as you spend.

I plan on making this shop my go to place for fabrics. They have many of the modern designers as well as traditional prints. Lots of Moda precuts and quilt kits. The ladies that were there working were very friendly and helpful. One of them had taken a class with my Aunt so they had lots to discuss. I wandered around and found several things I just had to have!

Venture over to their website and check them out!

Here is their address:
800 Valley Plaza
Johnson City, NY 13790

Enter it into your GPS and go for a visit!

Happy quilting,

Saturday, September 19, 2009

5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #3 | October Swap is Posted!

HEY THERE QUILTING FRIENDS - I can't get over the change in temperature we've had here in upstate NY. I think the thermometer said 40 deg. this morning. Yowza! Our first fall frost is near! Time to start closing the windows before jumping in bed at night. The big maples that border our driveway are turning the most delightful shades of orange.

I posted the 3rd round of my 5" Noodle Swap on Swap-Bot today. Round 2 is underway and going along great with an international version added. Here are the links if anyone would like to get into swapping. It's very addicting and fun! We've got about 20 folks joining us from all over the world.

5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #3
5 in. Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #3 INTERNATIONAL

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It Arrived! My DQS7 Quilt!

I've been oogling all the wonderful quilts that people have been receiving over the last few weeks for the Doll Quilt Swap. There have been so many wonderful projects this round. I want to congratulate everyone for the awesome effort they put forth and share my gratitude to them for posting photos of their finished quilts. Thanks for all the inspiration folks! My "oohh I have to make that" list is a mile long.

The FedEx lady left me an extra special package on Thursday from Megan of Will Work For Fabric. Inside was my DQS7 Quilt, a bundle of fatties, a cow measuring tape (my 4 year old son has already claimed this as HIS) and a note. I had no idea what the package was when I picked it up in my entry because I was totally expecting the quilt to be mailed via USPS. I was doing the happy dance as soon as I opened it. What a wonderful quilt. I am so pleased with it and tickled that Megan was my secret partner. I've seen her blog before and spent hours going through her posts. She's a pattern designer, quilting teacher and lecturer, and creates the most amazing patchwork. Her lollipop quilt is one of my favorites. There probably isn't a magazine on the shelf without one of her patterns in it. Check out her amazing applique.

Loving the freehand machine quilting and accent fabric along the binding. The shades of blue and white she used makes this a perfect winter accent.

Just awesome all around. THANK YOU, THANK YOU Megan!!

I promise to elaborate more about my trip to the Binghamton quilting shop tomorrow. Till then...

Happy quilting,

Sunday, September 13, 2009

GIVEAWAY | And the Winners Are...

Well another weekend is over and another giveaway has been drawn! My family and I spent Saturday visiting relatives in Binghamton, NY. While there I managed to find a wonderful quilt shop with the help of my Aunt. I spent WAY too much money, but I got some awesome fabric. I snagged some Tula Pink, Tanya Whelan, Kaffe Fassett and Barbara Jones (Bubblegum Basics) greatness. I'll be sure to catch everyone up when I have a few minutes this week.

I'm sure all of you are chomping at the bit to see who won those great calendars. I won't make you wait any longer. I spent the afternoon compiling a list and throwing the names in the draw container. I had my son pick two slips of paper and...

Lucky winner number one of my calendar giveaway is:

Greg of Flat Out Quilting YAY GREG!

Oh my gosh this is so exciting!! Winner two is:

Jenna Z. of Corgi Pants YAY JENNA!

CONGRATULATIONS WINNERS! Check in on this post to let me know you saw your names. I will email you both on Monday and your calendars will go out some time this week.

Thanks everyone for playing along. See you next time!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

GIVEAWAY | Only 2 Days Left! Starting Another Project

Just wanted to remind everyone that you only have the rest of today, all of tomorrow, and Saturday till 11:59 PM to sign up to win a nifty sewing calendar to keep you busy next year. Enter to win by leaving a comment on the giveaway post, posting the giveaway on your blog, following my blog, and sending me an email.

Also, you know I couldn't sit idle while I was waiting for my Schnibbles pattern to arrive. The left over pink, aqua and red charms were staring me down on my sewing table and I gave in! I starting making a larger version of my DQS quilt last night. I got this far and ran out of charm squares. Good thing I headed back over to SewDeerlyLoved and ordered more earlier this week! Your fabrics ROCK Kerri!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Year of Schnibbles | Pattern Ordered, Fabrics Chosen!

My next project this month is participating in Sinta and Sherri's "A Year of Schnibbles." They are leading us through a year long adventure of charm patterns called Schnibbles by Carrie Nelson of Miss Rosie's Quilting Company. They will be selecting a different pattern each month and drawing prizes along the way! If you complete your quilt before the end of the month and post it on your blog, your name goes into the drawing! Go sign up and join us. The more the merrier.

I ordered my pattern today from Quilt Taffy, one of the shops who is sponsoring the giveaways. I think she only has a few left so run over and get one if you want to participate. There are several other shops joining in and they are adding precut kits with patterns for those who want to save from selecting fabrics and dig right in to piecing. This months pattern is called Winter White.

I've taken this last week to decide what fabrics I'm using for my quilt. I knew I wanted to deviate from the fabrics the pattern called for (Glace by Moda). I've always admired the Wonderland fabrics by MoMo for Moda and managed to find a layer cake. I'll just have to cut it up into 4 sets of 5" charms when it arrives. Can't wait. I also have some fat quarters stashed away that I could include. I knew I was saving them for something!

On another note: I've been asked by a few folks to offer a tutorial of my DQS7 quilt. Stay tuned...

Happy quilting,

Monday, September 7, 2009

DQS7 | Finished!

Finished binding my DQS7 quilt this morning just in the nick of time. I have an international partner and my mailing deadline was today. Since there was no mail here in the US, I was able to squeak out an extra day! I will pack this up and ship it off to my partner sometime tomorrow.

This dot fabric is From the Swell line by Moda. It has been one of my favorite from that line. I ordered some more to incorporate into other projects. It is out of print and getting harder to find.

This is labeled as my favorite corner of the quilt. No rhyme or reason. Just liked it.

This photo showed the variegated thread the best. You can really see all the colors the thread changed while I was quilting it.

I ended up using a bamboo batting to go along with the natural linen fabric and natural cotton thread. I prefer the thin battings and this was my first time using the bamboo. It seemed very silky to the touch. It was quite pleasing.

I've already started more 1/2 square triangles to use up the charms of aqua red and pinks that were left over. I want to make a larger version so I can see how the pattern radiates.

Hope everyone had a great labor day!

Round 2 of my 5" Fabric Noodle Strip Swap starts Sept. 11 over at Swap-Bot. We had a lot of fun the last round and I decided to add an international leg this time. Please wander over and join us if you haven't already. Membership is FREE.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

DQS7 | Finishing Up

I've got a lot of finishes to get through this holiday weekend. My DQS7 quilt is all quilted and ready to be bound this evening. I used a variegated natural thread and liked the way you can see a subtle difference in the coloration. I decided to follow the linen zig zag pattern with line quilting. I thought it would make the prints pop.

I loved how this turned out and am planning on making another. I have enough of the same fabric to make a larger size throw. I just might take on that project this Winter.

I had a few problems along the way with the linen fabric because it was so thick. It threw my piecing off in a few places. I had to press all the seams open in the back to allow for the bulk. All in all I enjoyed working with the new fabric. I'm glad I ordered some after many recommendations by friends.

Here are some photos of the process...

Other things that need to be finished up...

Remember when I picked 5 additional winners for my July Birthday Giveaway!?! Well, I'm still in the process of putting together boxes for those 5 folks and will be sending them off shortly. Think Halloween everyone!

Happy quilting,

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

DQS7 | Layout Complete

Managed to get the layout together of my DQS7 top. Here it is on "the wall." What do you think? I will finish piecing it tomorrow night and get the applique pieces cut out and ready to fuse. The countdown is on!

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