Tuesday, December 22, 2009

{ It's A Giveaway } Winners Announced!

As I sit here at my dining room table, the second day of Winter is close to an end. The sun set officially at 4:30 p.m. My drive home from work at 5 p.m. was almost in complete darkness. How depressing...

Yesterday was the shortest day of the year, but from now until Spring we'll gain 2 minutes more of sunlight each day! Just something to look forward to...

This time of year always makes me feel like hibernating. I imagine myself closed in my sewing studio, creating and snoozing till March. Wishful thinking, I guess!

It's been bitter cold and windy here with very little snow. I'm afraid there will be no new snow for Christmas. The weather channel is forecasting freezing rain for Christmas day. May everyone who is traveling this time of the year get to their destinations safely.

I suppose if you're reading this post you want to know who the winners of my 2010 Barn Quilt Calendar are. Shall I tease you with more mindless banter about my goings on these past few weeks? Or should I just get on with it?!? Ha!

I wanted to make this giveaway special because it would be the last one for the year. As a big "thank you" to all of my fellow quilters who check in with me every time I post, I decided to change the way I accept entries. To give them a better chance of winning I didn't give automatic entries to everyone who followed the blog. This kept everything very simple, and simple is good in my book!

I was so excited to pass along the info about the wonderful barn quilts of Neversink. The hundreds of people who wrote to me to share their enthusiasm was very overwhelming. I would have loved to personally reply to every single one of you, but I wasn't able to fit the time in my schedule. I was so surprised to learn of how many other communities around the country also have barn quilts. I couldn't help but think how this would be such a great subject for a book someday; traveling across the country visiting barn quilts and interviewing owners about why they chose a particular design. Lots of smiles and photographs of vibrant colored quilt blocks, yum! I'd preorder that on Amazon for sure.

We had over 119 comments and almost that many emails. About 50 of you also passed the word along on your blogs. THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I hope the Town of Neversink sold a bunch more calendars to happy quilters.

So here goes...

The 2 lucky souls who each won a copy of the 2010 Barn Quilts of Neversink Calendar and some quilting goodies (oh boy!) are:

Jocelyn of Happy Cottage Quilter


Rick of Whimzee Stitches

Congratulations you two! And might I add that one of the winners was a male quilter! Cool! May these calendars bring you joy throughout the entire year.

The number one question that everyone asked for this giveaway was, "How do I order a calendar if I don't win?" Here is a link to a pdf order form you can print and send in:

2010 Barn Calendar Order Form

We now return to our regularly scheduled program...

Stay tuned for lots of updates tomorrow!

Merry Christmas and happy quilting,

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

{ It's A Giveaway! } 2010 Barn Quilt Calendar, and a surprise!

Hello everyone! It's a cold and wet Tuesday here in upstate NY. Winter arrived with 2 inches of snow over the weekend and it stuck. I don't think we'll be seeing the green grass here till Spring. More snow is on the way for Wednesday evening. I got the shovel and the ice melt out so I'm all prepared.

Are you ready for that giveaway announcement? First, If I may, there is a little story behind the prize...

One day last month I had an appointment with a family in Grahamsville, NY. I had never been there before, so I decided to google it and see how far away it was and if there were any interesting things to do while I was there. I found out it was about 68 miles south west of Delhi and was pretty much in the middle of nowhere. I also found out that Grahamsville is in the Town of Neversink. Records show on the town website that the original Neversink was established in 1828. Over the years though, the government took control of the land and flooded it for NYC Reservoirs. There currently is a big dam located where this town was relocated from. Feeling sure that my trip was destined to be short and unmemorable I decided that this was OK for something I should see along the way. Even though they are in the middle of nowhere, I can at least see a giant lake and take in the view for a few minutes, right? I jotted down "big dam" on my "things to see" list. Which was a very short list at that point. It looked like I was in for a meeting, lunch, and some fresh air that day.

Getting no other information besides "big dam" with googling Grahamsville, I then typed in Town of Neversink. I hit paydirt! Up popped a website for the Town of Neversink. On it was a picture of a covered bridge with trees and some water flowing under it. I read through the list of menu choices on the left hand side of the page. Departments, Elected Officials, History, Links... And I come to the words BARN QUILTS! I clicked on it right away. A list with over 40 pictures of hand painted quilts came onto the page in front of me. I read about a lady named Barbara Purcell who presented the concept of "Barn Quilts of Neversink." She personally painted over 35 of the many quilts that now hang on buildings and barns in the Town of Neversink. I thought, wow! What a neat idea! I then knew what I was going to do while visiting Grahamsville. Admiring some very colorful painted quilts.

Feeling excited I called Lisa Garigliano, the Town of Neversink clerk, to get more information about the quilts. She let me know that there are color brochures at the town offices with directions to all the barn quilts that are free to take. She also politely mentioned that they also put out a yearly calendar featuring 12 of the quilts as a fundraiser for the foundation. A soon as she spoke about the calendar my mind began trying to calculate how many I should buy for friends and family. Score!

Needless to say, my trip was a success in all aspects. I was able to meet with clients, enjoy a nice drive "in the middle of nowhere," and see a few of those wonderful barn quilts. It was so nice. I stopped at the clerks office and said "hi" to Lisa and her deputy Susan and thanked them for telling me about the calendar. I ended up with about 6 of them. I'll probably order more before January. I wish my wife would have been able to make the trip, but I'll definitely be going back on a day where I have more time to explore. I told her all about it when I got home. I'm bringing my camera next time because I forgot to put it in the car on the first trip! That dam was gorgeous!

So everyone, those 2010 Barn Quilt Calendars are my giveaway for this month. 2 lucky winners will receive a their very own copy to enjoy all next year. I'm also going to throw in some quilt related items that I'll keep secret. I love surprises don't you?

This time around the giveaway rules will be a little different. I've decided to let people enter in 3 ways instead of 4. Normally I will throw every one's name who follows me directly in the pot, but since these calendars are so special, I thought I'd simplify things, not only to make it easier for me, but to make it easier for the folks who actually read my blog to win. You can enter up to 3 times in the following ways:

1. Send me an email to enter at ryanwalsh@stny.rr.com.
2. Post a comment below (ON THIS POST ONLY) to the blog.
3. Post the giveaway on your blog along with the giveaway image above (click the image to enlarge and save) and let me know so I can add your name again.

The winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, December 22, 2009. Everyone will have 2 weeks to get your entries in. Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!


Happy quilting,

Monday, December 7, 2009

{ It's A Giveaway! } Announcement Tomorrow

Hi there everyone! My house is getting in the Holiday Spirit this week and the decorations are flying everywhere. Are you all ready for another giveaway? I recently took a trip to see some barn quilts and I came back with some goodies to share. Stay tuned for an announcement tomorrow with all the nitty gritty details.

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