Saturday, February 6, 2010

{ Pillow Talk } The swap has begun! & { Bee } Imaginative - Some February Blocks For Quilt Dad

Well folks, the wait is over! Heather and Kerri just sent me the name of my partner for round 2 of the Pillow Talk { Swap } and I'm not spilling the beans...

It feels like it's been years since the last round. I sure hope they are already planning for a 3rd because I'll want to get started on my next pillow as soon as I mail this one.

This swap is quickly becoming one of my favorites. I spent the late afternoon scouring my partners flickr favs and reading their blog. The ideas are already starting to come together. Check back to see the progress!

Did I ever show you the pillow I received from my round 1 partner? Fellow man quilter John sent me the most amazing pillow. Check out this pile of goodness (and don't touch, cuz it's all mine!):

John was inspired by those great pillows Anthropologie makes. That and the fact that I hinted all over the place that I liked a certain DQS quilt he made recently. Thanks so much John. This pillow rocks!

This morning I was on call for the FH. While I was waiting for the phone to ring I managed to start my version of this quilt by Oh, Fransson! Our quilt guild has signed up to make 20 quilts for the local Pre K and I thought Elizabeth's pattern would make wonderful naptime cot quilts. I'll bring the top and pattern to our next meeting to run it by the group. Crossing my fingers! I chose bright primaries and prints for the 9 patch blocks. The whole thing took only a couple of hours to plan out. Just pick 9 coordinating FQs from your stash, and you will have something that looks like this in no time:

I ordered a FQ bundle that matches the prints Elizabeth used to make a grown up version for me!

I took a few minutes to mull over what John sent us this month for the { Bee } Imaginative Swap too. February was his month to send fabric out and he chose a nice selection of Erin Michael's Lush. I've never seen this fabric "in person" before. Some of the main prints are a paint-by-numbers forest scene. Lots of soft blues and greens, very earthy. I liked it so much that I scoured the internet last night for some to add to my stash, and quickly realized that I was lucky enough to find a few yards. There's not alot left!

I made 3 blocks to send to him. Here's what I came up with:

The one block was a direct pull from his inspiration mosaic. Clean lines, clean breaks between the fabric changes. The other 2 were my interpretation of his theme. In one of the blocks I tried to mirror the color card feel of the one print by using raw edge applique to create a series of circles. I was so happy with the way that block came out that I decided to make another, this time placing a "J" in the center.

John said it was OK to pull fabrics from our stash to incorporate so I added some Dandelion in Stone from Patty Young's new Flora and Fauna line and made the "J" out of Denyse Schmidt's Canyon Stripe in New Day from her Hope Valley line. There's even some good size scraps left to send back with his blocks. Hope he likes em!

Happy Saturday,


  1. I feel confident that he'll love them - they are wonderful. And your pillow is definitely a winner - how cool!

  2. Your blocks for John are wonderful (and so are the fabrics/colors). Nice interpretation of his theme!

  3. Hi Ryan,
    Nice to meet a man that quilts. I love your stitched Christmas tree and the little tree block.
    Your crochet looks pretty neat too! If you'd like some more inspiration, tips and such like on crochet a couple of blogs that might be useful to you are;
    they both have tutorials.

    Happy stitching. I'm just off to visit John now.

  4. R Y A N!!! I'm loving what you did with John's blocks!! You rocked our month!! Putting a little { J } in them... clever duck... you are!


  5. great blocks... and love the pillow he sent you... i finally have my plan for the pillow swap.. now i just need to make it happen!

  6. Did you ever post the pillows you made for me in Round 1??!!! You should have - I LOVE them, they're amazing. They are getting some HEAVY use at our house, too, haha!


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