Saturday, March 6, 2010

{ DQS8 Finished & In the Mail! } End of a Staycation and A Very Messy Sewing Room

Hi folks! Well, another whirlwind quilting adventure has come to an end. DQS8 officially closed today and I managed to get my contribution finished and in the mail this morning.

I have to admit, my sewing room has seen better days! I am a total sewing slob when I'm working. There are threads and fabrics spread about everywhere. I can really do a lot of damage spending my entire week long staycation quilting. Like a waking bear crawling from its cave in Spring, I emerged from the sewing room this morning after my break from what I like to call "my real job." Want to see what I've been creating?

Here it is! All finished! This is the quilt I made for my DQS8 partner. I used Denyse Schmidt's Single Girl pattern and modified it a little bit. Taking her pattern, I reduced the pieces by photocopying it at 50%. I appliqued all the pieces on a linen background fabric and stitched everything down.

I used pieces of Joel Dewberry's Deer Valley in all 3 colorways. I cut out each piece individually and backed them with SteamASeam 2. Instead of quilting the top in the way the pattern suggested I decided to mirror the ring pattern the applique created. Since there are only 3 colorways in the DV line, I traced a ring and stitched around it in a contrasting thread to create some visual interest. I'm thinking that I could have also combined all three lines for the fourth ring as well.

Here are some other shots in various stages of completion.

I used my handy Spoonflower printed business cards as a label.

And guess what came in the mail on Thursday? A FQ assortment of Joel's newest line, Modern Meadow. Yum!

Off to clean up my quilting room and finish the pillow for my Pillow Talk Swap partner...

Good thing all that snow we got a week ago is finally starting to melt. Here's what the back deck looked like a few weeks ago.

Happy quilting,


  1. What a great idea for Spoonflower! I think I might have to "steal" it from you.

    I also saw that you used Hawthorne Threads. They give excellent customer service and I order almost all of my fabrics from them.

    Thanks for the post!

  2. I enjoy checking your blog every now and again - partly, I think, because it's so cool to see what a male quilter is up to! Your taste is more modern than mine, but you do fantastic work.

    You downstate folks make me giggle. Keep driving north, then you'll be upstate, lol.

    Your comment on working from home made me think of our local funeral home - Perkins (Gorham, NY). Ken is an amazing person, the best kind of funeral director. He and his wife have raised their family in the upper floors of their house, with the first floor and basement dedicated to, um... You know... They've got lovely horses and a nice barn out back. He's been thinking of retirement, but I think before he gives it serious consideration, he'd have to have the perfect replacement. Anyhow, I just wanted to let you know that up here, there are lots of families in tiny little towns/hamlets/bergs who have a funeral parlor downstairs and an active household upstairs.

    Keep up the great work, and keep inspiring other guys!

    Peace and Joy,

  3. Cute quilt but not-so-cute snow! We have had more than our share of snow this winter in southern Delaware, as I'm sure your folks can tell you!

  4. My son frequently picks up milk in the Catskills. Your pictures look like the week that he was there on Tues., went back on Thursday and they had gotten 3 FEET of Snow!! Here on the other side of Binghamton-nothing! Though we did get 14" that Thursday into Friday. Hope yours is melting as ours is-gotta love these days with sunshine and upper 30*'s and 40*'s!

  5. Very cute quilt! I like it. I have to laugh at all your snow though! My best friend isn't too far from you. Guess you don't wanna hear that it was 60 in Seattle and my blooming plum is 5-6 weeks earlier than last year? If you want a taste of spring, check out my blog:

  6. Awesome quilt. Great job. I love the fabric and quilting. I need to get me some Deer Valley. It's just to cute!

  7. There are some fun things coming out of your cave and going into your cave...that quilt is adorable and...your fabric is wonderful.

    Can I ask about your name tags? Do you make them youself for tagging your quilts?

  8. wow great quilt love the colors and design

    oh so many snow, I was so glad when ours was away here in germany, but now its back again, I hate it

    Hugs Cornelia

  9. realmente precioso,enhorabuena me encanta tu blog saludos de maria jesus desde spain

  10. Great quilt! Love the design and the fabrics!

  11. Love your quilt. The fabric choices and the quilting design was very well done. Thank you for sharing.

  12. What a cute idea for a quilt label!

    The Denise Schmidt pattern is on my to do one day list. Yours looks great.

  13. Thanks for the quilt, Ryan -- I LOVE it!! I am glad we have such similar tastes! : )

  14. i am loving the schmidt-circles! i have to try that one, too. thanks for sharing!!

  15. Just found your blog. Love your quilts! This one is beautiful, great choice with the quilting. I'm about to start my first quilt soon. Great inspiration from seeing your work!!


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