Thursday, April 15, 2010

{ Giveaway Update } Weeks 1 & 2 Mailed!

Just a quick update folks...

Prizes for weeks 1 and 2 have officially been mailed! Jill, Bailey and Ariel, "You've got mail!"

Week 3 drawing to be held Sunday! :)


  1. I am leaving a post. I thinki it is cool that you quilt.
    I can only get my guys to load the frame up with me.
    I left a a note on my blog. and I am now a follower ;0)
    This is all not "just" to win, I am just glad I found this site by accident!

  2. hi ryan!

    i can't wait to see how you put together your wall with embroideries and fabrics. it's really fun and adds so much character!

    i still need to finish mine....i'm kinda slow. :)

  3. Hi ! Im from your neck of the woods.Right out side of Saugerties!Love your work.Trudy


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