Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Pillow Talk { Swap } Round 3!

My quilting pals Heather and Kerri come up with some of the most interesting, challenging and all around fun swaps on flickr. Pillow Talk is on the top of my all-time favorite swap list along with DQS. I've participated in all rounds so far and when I heard they were starting up a round 3 in April I jumped on the bandwagon. As of Friday, June 25, 2010 the swap was officially over. My pillow cover came in the mail on June 26th and it's AWESOME! I was completely surprised by it as well.

Partners for this swap are assigned secretly. Everyone has fun browsing the flickr photos for the group to see if they can tell which pillow is theirs. Fellow blogging bud Terri was given my name. She has an etsy shop where she sells the neatest organizers. I've purchased a few for myself and friends. A few days ago she had a giveaway on her facebook fan page and I won an organizer. So you can imagine when I got a package in the mail addressed to me with her name on the return address I wasn't surprised. I set it on the dining room table to open after lunch. I was totally expecting an organizer to fall out when I slid the cover off of what was inside the envelope, but what I saw made my day! The biggest grin spead across my face. It was my PTS3 pillow!

Isn't it great?!?! Aqua is one of my favorite colors. It looks wonderful paired with linen. I see fabrics I like - Kei Honeycomb, Tula Pink, Flea Market Fancy, Andrea Victoria, Joel Dewberry, etc. She hand pieced this whole hexagon pillow for me! I love it.

It's living on this chair in the hallway for now. Out of reach from the 1 and 4 year olds!

My secret send to partner was Maria. Free Spirit Designers and polka dots were among the favorites she listed in her swap preferences. I thought this would be a great opportunity to use some of the Flea Market Fancy fabric I've been collecting by Denyse Schmidt. It's a big favorite and guilty pleasure among quilters all around the world.

I decided to try a Dresden block for the first time after seeing an Amy Butler Dresden pillow in her PTS3 inspiration mosaic. It went together very quickly. Setting the fan section on a bold black and white polka dot background came to me as an idea after I saw Lisa do it on her blog. Thanks for the inspiration Lisa!

Maria also said one of her favorite colors was "fresh" green. So, of course I had to use a green for the binding.

Here is a photo of the quilting on the back side of the pillow cover.

I'm happy to hear it's arrived safely home to Portugal where Maria can enjoy it.

I've been very lucky to get 3 super awesome partners all rounds of the swap. Here is my PTS pillow collection:

1st Round: A very Anthro like pillow from bud John (QuiltDad) on the far right.

2nd Round: Lisa (Sophia Aster) knew I was a fan of Wonderland and sent me this great circular applique pillow on the far left.

3rd Round: I've been in love with Hexagon quilts for a while now and only just begun making hexies myself. Terri (Sew Fantastic) created this beautiful aqua and linen pillow. And sent it to ME!

Thanks to all my partners and to Heather and Kerri for organizing another great swap!


  1. Lucky you! That is a beautiful pillow, looking right at home with the first two!! And your dresden plate pillow is fabulous!!

  2. How do you get in on these kinds of swaps? I feel like it's some super duper secret elite quilters thing. I've done some swap-bot swaps but this caliber of swap doesn't seem to exist on there. Just curious...

  3. Your Super welcome Ryan. it was a lot of fun, not to mention my first time paper piecing. Very relaxing I might add.

    Thanks for the shout out!! Your organizer is on the way ;)

  4. Beautiful pillows. I would love to do a swap like that. Great fabrics.

  5. Wow Ryan you certainly got lucky. You've got three really funky cushions there!

  6. very awesome..you are very fortunate.

  7. hi Ryan!!!!
    thank you for my gorgeous, lovely, fabulous pillow!!!
    I really love it!
    and I also love the Heather's and Kerri's groups! they do a great great job administration :))))
    thank you Heather and Kerri :)
    The Pillow Talk {swap} is one of my favorites too :)
    hugs from Portugal, Isabel

  8. Ryan, the new pillow is beautiful! and love that dotty background (I am working up to 25 dotty dresdens!)

  9. I love that hexagon pillow!

    I just got home from our vacation and have received your wonderful package!! I'm so excited to dig into those beautiful scraps and I'm so in love with the awesome FQ's! I'll be posting about it later in the week and linking back to your blog. Thanks again!

  10. I love all three of those pillows you've received! I want to get involved with some of these swaps, but I am waiting until I improve my quilting...I wouldn't want to disapoint someone with my beginner's skills!

  11. WOW, amazing work, I am really glad to check out your work, its really fantastic to visit here, I am sure I can get more informative stuff from you in my next visit. :)


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