Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Quilt Updates aka Airing My Laundry List

Hello everyone! I thought it was time for a little updating around here. I've been away from flickr, twitter and blogland for a week or so, busy with work and family projects. I've started a whole laundry list of things I want to talk with you about. Time to start getting these posts out of the draft queue and share them.

A new tutorial about matching points in blocks with lots of the little buggers will be appearing shortly. I have a few tips to share about accuracy and pinning that really helped me.

Remember that stack of Hushaby Charms and the Kona Pink I showed you a month ago? I finished the quilt and am putting the finishing touches on another tutorial to share. You can finally take that favorite charm pack you've had FOREVER and turn it into a small baby quilt to give as a gift.

I've created a post highlighting bee blocks I've made for my partners in April and May. With June going by so fast I'll likely add those blocks to the post as well.

A few trips to some recent local quilt shops yielded some great fabric finds. I took pictures while there to post here for you. And, yes, they will take phone orders!!

I've had several folks write to me to say they've tried my pillow tutorial since my last round up. I'll share photos of their creations right here.

I'm also gearing up for another giveaway!

Oh, and I've been cooking up some sweet Moda treats to share in the Fall. I'm sew excited!!

Are you ready? Pull up a chair and spend the Summer with me on the I'm Just A Guy Who Quilts blog!

See you around,


  1. looking forward to all the posts...

  2. Hmmm, kind of like a coming attractions post... looking forward to the summer blog season. ; )

  3. I'm really looking forward to your tutorial about matching up points, pinning and accuracy. I would benefit from any tip that would make it easier!

  4. YAY for the tips on matching up points...I need it. Also will be looking forward to the baby quilt post. I am going to be grandma for the second time. Time to start another quilt. I am looking forward to summer with you. Karen

  5. Very exciting news.


  6. Hey Ryan, this all sounds very interesting... will keep an eye out!
    Sounds like some great progress happening at your place!

  7. Thanks for the preview--love your blog so far as a newbie to you!

  8. I'm going to need to make a baby quilt so I'll be waiting.

  9. Ryan I'm sorry to be the one to break the news to you....but....you have to change your blog title.....you are not just A Guy Who Quilts.....may I suggest your new title? Just for fun? Thanks.....I'd call you -
    Rockin Quilt Dude Dad Man. Perhaps you'll find something else you like better.....but you definitely are not "Just" anything.


  10. Ohh! I can't wait to hear all these tips and tutes! I'm eager to see the one about piecing and accuracy...lord knows I could use some help there!

  11. Check out the quilt pattern giveaway at Created by Chancy.

  12. Oh oh oh... the making your points actually meet up tutorial would be a lifesaver for me!! Mine always insist on being in completely different time zones.

  13. My first visit, so happy! You do great work... will be back for more inspiration!


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