Friday, August 13, 2010

FABRIC SALE - Destashing

Hi All! I've decided to clear out the studio to make room for the upcoming fabric shipment after Market in October. I'm letting go of all my primitive fabrics. I was able to get around 55 listed in my etsy shop tonight.

If primitive or country fabric is one of your likes, I encourage you to wander over to the shop. I am going to try and list more items over the next several nights. Keep your eyes peeled.

Please tell your friends! The BRAND NEW fabrics are only $5.00 a yard and have been stored indoors.


  1. Ryan, you caught me at a weak moment, and I couldn't help myself. I hope your destashing goes well - I look forward to seeing what good stuff you are replacing this stash with.

  2. How is the destashing going? Need help spreading the word let me know....we don't want you overloaded with fabric when its energy could be dispursed to wonderful homes.



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