Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Beginnings & Endings { and life with boys}


I hear my wife say it all the time ...

"I'm out numbered." "I live in a house full of boys!"

I don't blame her for voicing her frustration. With boys come muddy messes and rough play. Not a day goes by that I don't witness a sword fight, a matchbox car traffic jam, or a hefty launch of energy off the end of the couch.

They are a hand full. Both of them.

No tea parties or shoe shop-a-thons here.

Oh, and did I mention a never ending supply of bugs?


Here is Mr. Rowan showing off his collection of monarch caterpillars (in the jars behind him). They are all over the milkweed along the walking path this time of year. He can't wait till the butterflies start hatching. There are currently 7 chrysalis'.

Remind me to make this shaggy little guy a haircut appointment.

Today was Rowan's first day of school. He is officially a Kindergartner. The fun begins.

... the little rugrat. He's growing up too fast.


The rascal didn't even bat an eye when he jumped on the bus this morning. I think mom was waiting for just a little bit of apprehension on his part.

His biggest worry this morning? "Which seat should I sit in on the bus, daddy?"

DQS9 ended today. My quilt was finished just in time. I was really sweating it this round because of the new rules. If you are even one day late, you're out of the next round.

Here are several pictures of it after I pulled it out of the dryer this morning.

Lot's of fall colors like my partner requested. I used Kona solids, Joel Dewberry's Modern Meadow, and Hope Valley by Denyse Schmidt.

I hope you like it partner.

I had a very hard time letting this one go.


  1. Love this post. I'm outnumbered in a house full of boys and I say it all the time too! :) We've got lots of the couch-jumping thing going on over here, too. Love the quilt!

  2. my husband ios outnumbered with two girls, fortunitly for him our oldest is a good combonation girly-girl and tom-boy. We have tea parties with bugs, and we wear mom's high heals while playing with the football. Its too funny!! (and we fly off the couch too, but only in out "beautiful ballerina super hero" costume from last halloween)

    congrats on bus success and K!

  3. Great kindergartener haircut! It won't be long before he'll refuse and you'll be searching for eyeballs under a mass of those golden locks! My son (now 13) went through all that and now wants his hair short (phew) and neat.

    Your DQ is gorgeous and I especially love your interpretation of 'fall colours' - great use of aqua!

  4. I'm out numbered by boys too. One husband plus 3 sons. Although our dog is a girl and we have 4 chickens so in a way, the "girls" are outnumbering the boys! lol

  5. Gorgeous "Boy" pics, gorgeous quilt. I'd find it hard to let any of them go.
    I have 3 sons, all grown up, and those scrapes and bugs and noise are what I miss so much now.
    I'm sure your wife, like all Mummys, enjoys little boys too, we just don't advertise it.

  6. I had five sons, talk about being out numbered... You have a lovely family.

  7. great post
    i also have 2 boys but 1 girl as well
    and the are all agresive! ;-)

  8. I too am a mom who survived a housefull of boys....who grew up with brothers....whose mom grew up with boys (she had 5 brothers and no sister)...really liked your post. Your quilt piece is great - good luck with it

  9. very nice quilt. i love those colors.

    boys are fun, aren't they? i have two of my own and they are constantly making me laugh because of their goofy ways. they are so full of energy sometimes that they make me tired. :)

  10. We're an even split here. But I can totally sympathize with your wife! Boys can also turn seemingly harmless items (soap dish) into a trip to the ER. BTW, a broken ceramic soap dish cuts just as well as those high dollar ceramic chef knives!

  11. I have 3 boys, but I totally loved it. My sister has one girl, and I'd take 3 boys over a girl any day! LOL. The quilt is fabulous! I'm sure your partner will love it.

  12. I hope your son had a great time at Kindergarten. The quilt is fabulous. That aqua/turquoise really makes the fall colours zing. I'm sure your partner will treasure it!

  13. Tell your wife I hear her! I lived with 3 guys for four years while my daughter was in Chicago. Tell her to enjoy it while they are little. It was way more stressful when they got to be older. Of course you could opt for having a girl and try to even the score :-)

  14. Poor Wifey. My hubby is out numbered as well however in his family there were all boys so grandma was thrilled for us to have a girl.

    Just tell her to hang in there.

    Awesome quilt to Ryan

  15. Your boys are cute! Our house was the complete opposite - me, our two daughters and my hubby. He was so desperate at times that he would count the dog on his side - lol! By the way, grabbed your button and added it to my blog!

  16. Cute boys! Next thing you know he will be goes fast! Love your quilt...the colors are great!

  17. With four little boys of my own I feel your wife. Just last week in pure frustation (and not a pretty moment) I screamed "I hate living with boys!" Thank goodness my 5 year old said "Good thing I'm a little man" I couldn't help laugh and was reminded that I truly love it.

  18. I am outnumbered too- for many years it was my husband, son and his best friend- now my son lives with his girlfriend and it is a little more balanced / unbalanced LOL
    Hope your son loves Kindergarten- my current kindergarten class has 15 boys and 7 girls- not balanced there either VBG They are a very fun group and we are going to have a great time together.
    Your quilt looks terrific-
    Thanks for sharing your photos of the boys - loved their stories...

  19. The quilt is awesome. And the boys are cuteness. The swirl on the side adds punch & whimsy to it. Thanks for sharing.

  20. You have been nominated to receive the Sunshine Award! Check it out at

  21. I love your quilt..just so pretty!

  22. pretty quilt, handsome young man and I feel you wife's pain I the only female in my house too. Oh wait, we do own a female dog but I'm not sure that counts! But ya know what I wouldn't trade it for the world.

  23. Love your quilt! Whoever receives it is very lucky!

    My sister's boys collect the monarch caterpillar as well. It is so fun when they emerge from their cocoons!

  24. Lovely quilt Ryan. It is so modern and I just love the colors. YOur boys are adorable.

  25. OOh such a pretty little quilt. Love the colors.

    Tell your wife I sympathize with her. I had three boys myself and no little girls. Tell her to be patient because her time will come. Those boys will grow up and at least one of them will give her an adorable little Granddaughter she can spoil and enjoy. One of my boys has done that for me already and it's so nice.

  26. You're boys are so cute! Reminds me of my sister with 6 sons and my poor dad with 6 daughters and only 1 son ... very outnumbered. Love the quilt too ... I really like those modern meadow prints.

  27. Please keep us updated on those butterflies-to-be's. When I was teaching 2nd grade in Florida, we studied butterflies. Watching the whole process was as exciting for us teachers as it was for the kiddos. Let us know how it goes :)

  28. Love the swirly feature on the quilt! Lucky partner ended. :)

  29. That child has perfect eyebrows. Yes, they are perfect. All over America, women are trying to get brows that look that beautifully shaped... hmmmm..he should be a brow model!

  30. Okay, so, I just found your blog today, and I want to say that you make some of the most FANTASTIC quilts I've ever seen!!!!!! Oh how I wish I knew how to quilt! :-( That way, instead of complaining that I can't find a comforter in Grey and Aqua, I could MAKE one to complete my bedroom. *sigh*
    Is it a bad thing that I want to come move in for just a month to learn how to make a quilt? I'll pay room and board..... do you mind if I bring my dog? ;-)

  31. I have one of each and my girl is significantly harder than my boy. She is also the one to generally start fights and do dangerous stunts. No bugs though! Phew!

    Kindergarten...*gasp*... bus... *breathes into a paper bag* Thank goodness my son just barely missed the cut off. I have one more year to prepare myself for that big leap!

    Love the quilt you made your partner!

  32. I'm with your wife! Even all 4 of our pets are male!!! Congrats on the kindergartener and the beautiful DQS finish right on time! I'd have trouble letting that go, too!

  33. Hi Ryan

    Just found your blog through a link from another I've only just started followin.... 'alamode'

    I love the fabrics you are using and this quilt above is amazing. I am going to add it to my 'I must make something like this one day' be completed after my 'I'm gonna learn to free machine quilt'.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  34. I absolutely understand your wife, I feel quite the same ;o) Thank God for having discovered the calmative effect of handcraft!

    I love your DQS quilt (and your blog!)!


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