Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bee Blocks Update!

I've spent the better half this past weekend/few days in between work and family time getting my bee blocks up to date. These things have a tendency to pile up on you if you don't stay ahead of the game. I *think* I'm all caught up with the exception of blocks due at the end of this month. I make no guarantees though. There may be a few stragglers when I take inventory.

The one group I was most slacking in was Buzz Cuts. Sorry guys! See I told you I'm a slacker. Seriously, the other swappers in the group are great and haven't threatened to kick me out ... YET!

A neat aspect of this swap is that you have the choice to either send fabrics (like in a traditional bee) or ask the other members to grab from their own stash.

Here is Kimmie's block for July. She wanted blocks with flying geese in them. I used some very light blue Freespirit solid with City Weekend by Oliver & S for Moda.

This pattern was created by Jennie (Sunflower Quilts) for the Fat Quarterly Challenge. I had to add a strip of fabric around the outside because my block turned out too small for some reason. I may have trimmed it too many times during construction.

Buzz Cuts July 2010 for Kimme

Kathy was making a quilt for her son and wanted green, blue and black blocks during her month in August. I dug through my scrap bin to find the fabrics for these 2 scrappy HST blocks.

Buzz Cuts August 2010 Blocks for Kathy

This next block is for Dorie whose month was September. She requested blocks with kid friendly prints. I used some leftovers from a Moda Freebird Jelly roll.

Buzz Cuts August 2010 for Dorie

Finally, Mary wanted paper pieced blocks for her month in October. Her daughter was getting married in November and wanted to make her a quilt using these blocks. She sent all the fabrics and pattern.

Buzz Cuts October 2010 for Mary

I'm taking the next few days to finish some WIPs that have been set aside while I've been distracted by other stuff. Time to start busting this stash!

The giveaway for a fat eighth bundle of Central Park by Kate Spain ends on Friday, November, 26. There's still plenty of time to enter it HERE.

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Have a good one,


  1. Awesome!! I really like the flying geese block. It's always great to feel caught up!!

  2. It does feel good to get caught up doesn't it. So, will your block make it in time to go in the quilt for the one getting married?

    A tip I use for patterns that come out a smidge too small so I don't have to add that little border because it actually gets lost and sometimes "peeks" out from the seam allowance when you sash the block into a quilt...I always sew with a scant quarter seam...

    Seems to work well for me when I am piecing..

  3. Lots of wonderful blocks.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


  4. What lovely blocks. Slacker or not, I'd join a bee with you any time!

  5. those blocks are all great...Happy Thanksgiving


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