Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WINNERS POST | Announcements { Pat Bravo & Lola Pink Fabrics Sponsored Giveaways }

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas holiday and want to wish you all a HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here's to another great year with friends and family.

First things first though ... I'm sorry I didn't get around to announcing the winners to the Lola Pink Fabrics giveaway on Thursday 12/23. You see, my family not only shared presents these past few weeks, we also shared icky germs. :P

Ever since my oldest turned five and started school we've had one bug or another every month (remind me to buy my son's kindergarten class a gallon of hand sanitizer). This is the third time in two months that we've all been sick. Together. Somehow I don't think that's what the experts meant when they coined the term family bonding, but we sure have been spending a lot of time together. Big props go to my wife for keeping this ship afloat. Have you ever tried to wrangle a two year old who doesn't enjoy taking medicine? My youngest is pretty hard headed and will pout for a good half an hour after mommy force feeds him his prescription.

Enough of our troubles ... time to spread a little germ free joy to you all.

The winner of the gorgeous bundle of Jenean Morrison Wild World fabrics, offered by sponsor Lola Pink Fabrics is comment #4, Nance!

Congrats Nance! I'll be sending you an email later for your contact information.

Thank you Jennifer and Janet for donating fabrics! Everyone please go visit their wonderful shop.

Pat Bravo stopped by last week to show you all her upcoming line Coquette which will be available in early 2011. In case you missed the interview you can see it HERE. Pat was nice enough to bring along 3 bundles of fabric to give away! Thank you Pat!

Winner of the Modern Affair fat quarter bundle is comment #131, Sara!

Winner of the Oval Elements bundle is comment #123, epban!

And finally, winner of the Floral Elements fat quarter bundle is comment #296, annmarie!

Congrats ladies! I'll be contacting you shortly!

And thanks again Pat for being so generous.

I'll be back on Friday to share some wonderful information about barn quilts, and a new book and calendar by author Suzi Parron.

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  1. Oh man Ryan I feel your pain on those germs--me and my fam have all been sick since Friday. I thought my husband, Ryan, was going to escape but he just came down with it yesterday. I think we were healthy for a week before this last round hit. My 5 yr. old started kindergarten this year also and we are losing the germ battle LOL! =)

  2. Congratulations to the winners! You have an awesome blog. Hope everyone feels better soon!

    Happy New Year & Happy Stitching!


  3. Congratulations to all of the lucky winners!

    Sorry to hear about the illnesses in your family. I remember going through that when my girls were little - no fun.

  4. I hope you all are feeling better now - my granddaughter's preschool teacher did a whole day on germ prevention - how to sneeze, washing your hands, etc. - I think it helped a little!

  5. Hi Ryan!
    Congratulations to all the winners and Happy New Year to you and your family!
    Nurse Practitioner suggestions:
    wash all your surfaces where everyone touches: counter tops, sink tops, phone, fridge handles, etc with a hot water/Javex solution to kill all those viruses! They can live up to 28 days on a dry surface... also, wash all the dishes, cutlery, glasses in a hot cycle in the dishwasher, even with a little javex, to kill all those viruses, also, new toothbrushes for everyone! Also, wash all those towels, faceclothes with a little javex or bleach for the unbleachables to kill any viruses that will be hidding in there too!
    Lots of work, but worth it to minimize all that illness.
    Also, you may want to get everyone's throat swabbed about 1 wk after antibiotics done to ensure someone isn't a strep (throat) carrier, that will help in the future too.
    Good luck, Leslie


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