Sunday, May 23, 2010

KJR Pillow Tutorial Sightings

I'm always very flattered when anyone leaves me a comment on the blog, let alone actually follows a tutorial I posted. So you can imagine my elation when I saw these photos of quilt blocks and pillows popping up on Flickr based on the tutorial I posted for my Katie Jump Rope Pillow.

Meg of The Mad Quilting Librarian made this block for a quilting bee she participated in during the month of April. Love the colors you chose Meg!

Photo originally uploaded by meg_norrell.

Marianne of Marianne Penner Design created this awesome pillow and spoke a little bit about my tutorial on her blog. Thanks for the mention Marianne!

Photo originally uploaded by maripenquiltmom.

Andrea created this pillow top using a turquoise and orange color scheme. The colors are great on that brown background fabric! Can't wait to see the finished pillow!

Photo originally uploaded by andie70.

And finally Amy of Badskirt shared a photo of pink circles a few months ago after reading my tutorial. Look at all the cuteness! Can't wait to see what she creates.

Photo originally uploaded by badskirt-amy.

I would love to see more photos of anything made using my tutorial. Please send me an email! I've got another new tutorial scheduled to appear shortly! Yay!

Also, it's official! I'm going to Fall Quilt Market in Houston, TX from 10/29 - 11/01. Can't wait to see all my quilting friends there. Let me know if you plan to attend and I'll be sure to say hi!

Monday, May 17, 2010

{ Vintage Feedsacks } Putting a Modern Twist on a Vintage Design

A lot of modern designers are pulling inspiration from vintage designs that are free for the taking. I love the idea of putting a modern twist on a vintage design. I'm contstantly scouring the net for images of vintage feedsacks and often recognize certain prints because I have a modern version in my stash.

Here are several comparisons I can pull from my collection. Can you tell which print is the vintage feedsack and which print is the modern version?

ABOVE: A modern print by Denyse Schmidt from her County Fair Line on the left and a similar vintage feedsack on the right.

ABOVE: A modern print by Denyse Schmidt from her Flea Market Fancy line on the left and a similar vintage feedsack on the right.

ABOVE: A modern print by Jennifer Paganelli from her Bellbottom collection and a similar vintage feedsack on the right.

ABOVE: A modern print by Tanya Whelan from her Dolce collection and a similar vintage feedsack on the right.

I would love to hear of any more modern designs you can spot based on vintage feedsacks.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Playing with 30's Prints { Modern Bear Paw }

I've recently acquired a bunch of 30's scrap pieces from my grandmother and have been playing around with them. She loves 30's prints and has been collecting them for years. I think she had memberships a long time ago in the 30's fabric of the month clubs.

The design is a modern bear paw block. The center blocks are the same blocks I just used plain white corners and added a print to the other. Lots of tiny pieces and small stitches with the machine.

Some of the fabric is authentic, some is feedsack, other is repro.

This second group of blocks are the same, I've just paired the fabrics with light blue fabric. I really like the looks of these blocks.

I'm making one mini for a swap partner and one to keep. There's lots more fabric to use up!

All these points are scary, but I have a tip on how to match them. Small blocks can be killer. Lots of pins and a water sol pen.... I'll blog about it.

A Friendly Swap Reminder

Just a reminder to everyone who wants to participate. The signup deadlines for 5” MODERN Noodle #4 and 6” MODERN Charm #2 are this Friday, May 14!

MODERN 6" Fabric Charm Swap #2

5" MODERN Noodle Fabric Strip Swap #4

We'd love to have you join us!

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