Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sunkissed WINNER! Announcements & Upcoming Features { Fat Quarter Shop Sponsored Giveaway }

Hi everyone! This is the post you've all been waiting for. I'm finally going to announce the winner of the Sweetwater Sunkissed FQ bundle, donated by Kimberly of Fat Quarter Shop. I chose the winner as promised on Friday evening, but needed to wait till today to post it. I've been making some great headway on my StashPact11 resolutions. Yay me!!

After a very minor setback, er moment of weakness, I managed to accomplish some things on my resolution list. Robert Kaufman released Metro Living this month and I couldn't stand how awesome the Ring Toss print is.

I splurged. Then felt guilty. Aw shoot, what a weakling!

Metro Living by Robert Kaufman

Charlie and Lindsay of Hawthorne Threads has the first three prints. Jennifer and Janet of Lola Pink Fabrics has the last three!

I got an idea last week to help keep my scraps and WIP's organized. Martha Stewart has some wonderful 9 cubby storage shelves available at Home Depot. We have 2 in the boys' room to keep their toy stash under control.

I picked up 2 units on the way home from work Friday and 18 fabric bins in aqua and gray. I am using one unit to store fabrics and patterns for current Patchwork Squared projects. Each project will have its own cubby to keep everything together. As patterns are written and fabrics are gathered, I will set them in the bins and label them.

I was able to get the first storage unit put together Friday night after the kids went to bed. It was a quick project with minimal swearing and no manquilters were injured in the process. Shabang!

Here is a photo of the bins behind the sewing center in the studio. We'll see how long I stick to this plan. Anyone want to make any bets?

New Project Bins in the Studio StashPact11

I spent the better part of Saturday cleaning up all my steaming project piles and sorting them into bins. I want to print out some picture labels to attach to the fronts of each bin, but I didn't want to get too geek sheik right now. I mean, in a perfect world I'd really like to pump those projects out so fast I don't have time to make labels for the bins (smoking sewing machine and all).

I know, "you're dreaming kid!" Too little time and not enough days in a month ... we'll see.

The rest of the fabrics were folded and placed on one of the two wire racks I have. I'll get to organizing by color in Feb. That's an elephant that can wait till another day. Need to get that other unit assembled first.

Getting Organized for StashPact11

In other news, I sent these dishtowels off to a friend and they finally arrived! Now I can show them to you.

These towels are meant to be used, mister! Don't be afraid to get them dirty. They'll wash!!

Cosmo Cricket Dish Towels

I made them using a bundle of flour sack towels from a local shop and some Early Bird by Cosmo Cricket.

You can find this fabric at the following sponsor shops: Hawthorne Threads, Fabric Worm, and Venezie Designs.

OK, OK ... enough of my rantings.

1109 of you probably want to see who won that Sunkissed FQ bundle! Seriously?!?!? 1109 entries!?!? I think we set a new record here at RWQ. Thanks for stopping by everyone.


The winner is ...

Comment #268, Sandy! Woot woot Sandy!

I'll email you tonight for your contact info Sandy. Block-A-Palooza begins tomorrow, Jan 24th! Are you psyched?!? I am!

Fat Quarter Shop

Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway FQS! Please take the time to visit Fat Quarter Shop today by clicking on the image above.

In the next few days we'll be hearing from a friend about her awesome new online quilting e-class starting February, and I'll be showing you some not yet released fabrics from designers that have contacted me in the last few weeks.

See you then,

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  1. Congrats to the winner! Getting organized feels so good doesn't it!?

  2. Lucky lucky, gal! Man, I sure wanted that FQ! Enjoy!

  3. Congratulations to the winner!!! Lovely way to start a week!

    Happy Stitching!!!

  4. congrats to the winner - I'm drooling! Laurie

  5. I love being organized. I am almost done with my room too. There is a pile outside of the room that needs to be gone through and then put in its place. I will get to do that when hubby is recovering from surgery in the next week or so.

  6. I love the Martha storage units. I think I will do that with some projects I have lined up - the patterns and the fabric are hanging out together, but not in any "safe" place. My sewing room has yours beat by a mile for chaos, Ryan! I need to get with it and ORGANIZE! I just finished making a "Little Dress for Africa", and I've decided I am a quilter, not a seamstress. But it's done and ready to ship.

  7. If you feel so bad for getting those Ring Toss fabrics you could send some my way:) Doesn't hurt to ask ya know,hehehe!

  8. Seems as though we quilters spend a heck of a lot of time organizing!

  9. Woot Woot to Sandy for her great win!!!

    Super excited for Block-a-palooza starting today!!!!!

  10. Ryan, great minds think alike! Last night I was online for quite awhile looking for those. Looked everywhere but Home Depot. I have so many piles of boxes and plastic bins I can't walk in my sewing room...or find anything. These are a little bigger than the ones I found, which is great. Thanks for the heads up and the link.

  11. I bought those EXACT same cubbies last night at Home Depot! I went with the purple and green inserts and the black stained cubbies. Great minds think alike! Congrats to the winner!

  12. "no manquilters were injured..." Ha! Hilarious. Love the cabinets. Organization is probably over rated but you might as well be decked out nice if you are going to do it!

  13. Congrats to the winner. I covet your sewing room and how neat and roomy it is. I'll be checking out the Martha Stewart bins, so thank you for showing them.

  14. Hey Ryan, my first visit to your site - I love it. I was just reorganising my own sewing room today too! Sorry I missed out on the exciting opportunity to win those gorgeous fabrics - lucky Sandy, congrats!! Ryan, pls tell me,(or anyone else who can help) in your pic of your room beside your new storage bins is a board with all your blocks attached - what is this made of?? Is it a whiteboard, corkboard - pls let me know, I love this idea of keeping everthing so together. Many thanks, Leah from Australia


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