Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mental Housekeeping & Enlightenment

Hey there everyone! Another week is over and I'm in the midst of another Sunday housekeeping session in the studio. I find myself getting more and more behind every day. I recently professed (or whined rather) on twitter that I've come to the realization: what I want to accomplish and what I actually have time to accomplish are two entirely different things.

How's that for some words of wisdom? It's only taken me 30 years to figure it out.

I know, hardly world shattering, but I have always been the proverbial overachiever. I take way to much on my plate and think I can "eat it all" and prolifically produce quilt history. Yeah, right! (hey, who said that?)

That also goes for my real eating habits, but enough about that!

What starts as good intentions and positive thinking ultimately results in disappointment and self disciplining "I told ya so" speak. Enough is enough!

The coffee pot is pouring out an unending supply of caffeine refreshment and I shut myself in today to thoughtfully tear through my backlog of bee blocks (sorry quilty pals - ducks to avoid thrown pebbles), piece 2 more blocks for the P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along, and reflect on the 9 or so large quilting commitments I've made in the last year. Soon to be 10 or 11.

So far so good! The quilt along blocks are finished. The tutorials are being written next, and I've managed to work my way through several bee packages. Yippee!

I'm on the right track ... for now.

In my effort to simplify and focus on this blog and the design company Charlie and I founded, I've sworn off all new bees for an entire year. There will be no sign ups for me this time around. Feel free to send me invitations, but don't take it personally if I don't join. I love all my quilting buddies equally, but once my current bees have buzzed their last, I'm out of the hive till further notice.

Now, how to go about getting all these P2 quilts made and decide what I should leave be and/or take on ... that's going to need more thought.

Boy, it's going to feel so good to be caught up!


  1. Ryan, you are not alone! I am right in the same boat with you! I have also sworn not to sign up for any more Crazy Quilt Block Swaps this year; so I can finish some major commitments to friends and family. If manage to get a handle on my ever-growing list of things to get finished...I'd truly like to work on a couple of projects for...dare I say: ME!

  2. I look at generations past, pioneers and whatnot, and think of how hard it must've been to live during their times. Or, heck, even when I was a kid to have to do a report using an ENCYCLOPEDIA instead of the internet. We have everything at our fingertips these days (quite literally) and it's hard to not overextend ourselves. Kudos to making the commitment to simplify. You can do it! And you'll be so much happier when you do!

  3. I am finding myself needing to do some "mental housekeeping" myself. At least it only took you 30 years to figure it out. I am almost 50 and have just now realized my limitations.

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  5. Ryan - I am in agreement with you, and I am glad I am not the only one. I support you in this mission. The blog world makes it so easy to overcommit. Because really, we aren't actually GOING anywhere. It's all from the comfort of our sewing room(well, living room).

    Good Luck!


  6. Sounds like it is time to remember your joy, and do what you love just because you love it.. and not to commit to doing everything out there that is sent your way just because it is offered and you could do it. Take time to find your joy again and your creative spirit will shine again.

  7. Good for you Ryan....this is supposed to be pleasure....bringing fun and lightness to our lives....not a race with negative feelings about always being behind! Bravo!



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