Monday, June 13, 2011

Zippered Kindle Pouch

I finally gave in. I did it. I took the plunge.

I recently joined the modern reading masses of the 21st century by purchasing myself a Kindle.

What else would a quilter do, but make a case for it?

After much encouragement from blogging pal Amanda, I attempted my first Kindle pouch Sunday evening. It was a little snug.

Had Mr. Kindle been eating too many donuts? I swear this would've fit last week.

I couldn't get the zipper zipped without scraping the top of the Kindle.

Kindle Pouch Attempt 1

My second attempt was tonight. Ahh ... much better. A little more room to breathe.

The bicycle fabric is a hand printed linen from Karen's shop.

Kindle Pouch Attempt 2: Front

Kindle Pouch Attempt 2

Thanks for helping me conquer my fear of zippers Amanda!

Kindle Pouch Attempt 2: Back

Have you entered my giveaway yet? You still have a few more days!


  1. Love it you clever man you.

  2. Thanks for the link to the bicycle fabric. My mother-in-law wants to start her first quilt with bicycle themed fabrics. We're trying to find some with the right colors.

  3. Your case is cute. One of a kind. You will get lots of comments on it. A kindle is in my future just not right now.

  4. Nicely done! (Donuts...haha.) I haven't tried a zippered case yet but a pouch for my iPad is on the list.

  5. I could make one, then I would have to buy a kindle to put in it, lol. I am looking at the Ipad, figure I can use that to read and travel computer.


  6. Super cute! Love the top zip.

  7. Great job! I bought a Kindle cover but if I get in iPad (on the wish list), I just might try to make my own cover...zipper and all : )

  8. Wow, they look wonderful! Clever you! =D


  9. LOL - I so don't want to read books on a screen. But I kinda want a kindle so I can make a case for it! Yours looks great, love that bike fabric.

  10. Perhaps you can use the prototype (too tight) bag to hold sewing tools. Love the Ty Pennington fabrics.

    LOVE the bicycle fabric!!

    Looks like you've conquered your fear of zippers, too! Nice job.

  11. Congrats on conquering the zipper! Once I finally got over being intimidated by them, I started making all kinds of little pouches...they make great gifts that don't require quite as much time as a full quilt!

  12. Love my kindle but have yet to make a pouch for it. I just may have to now! Thanks for the inspiration.

  13. Good for you! I remember having zipper fear, but sometimes you just have to jump! These pouches (see link) are also REALLY easy zippers for beginners and they also hold a kindle. I use 1 for my Nook.

    I also picked up the pattern at Joanns with my 40% off coupon.

  14. Love your humor!! I've been needing to make a pouch that I promised my SIL for her iPad and have been putting it off for fear of the zipper!! You've encouraged me! I'll make the leap! Glad yours worked out. I'll make sure her iPad has stayed away from those donuts!!

  15. Congrats. Ryan it turned out great! Might have to make on for my Dad as he also has a Kindle.

  16. What a great the bicycle fabric!!! TFS :)

  17. they both look great. what will you do with your first attempt given that its too small? would it work as a small hoop bag?
    i really heart that bicycle print. part of me wants to get a kindle just so i can make a coat for it

  18. I had a similar experience trying to "fit" my ereader covers. Personally I prefer the "relaxed fit" almost every time. Yours are great. Use that skinny one for a charger!


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