Saturday, July 16, 2011

Who Wants To Win A Fat Quarter | General Announcements

Last Saturday evening I held my first Twitter game called, "Who Wants To Win A Fat Quarter!?" This first edition was a blast and everyone involved had fun. I gave away 10 fat quarters donated by Robert Kaufman and it was held in conjunction with the Fat Quarter Shop Friday post featuring Suzy Ultman.

The way to play the game is simple:

1. Log into your twitter account and follow me, @RyanWalshQuilts.

2. At the predetermined date and time for the game, I will begin posting questions to answer. All answers to the questions can be found in the corresponding FQSF post on the featured designer.

3. To answer simply reply to the question on Twitter with your answer. If you have the correct answer and gave it in the right order (ie: #3 correct answer to question #3), you win!

4. Each question will be worth either 1 or 2 fat quarters of the featured designer's fabric.

"Who Wants To Win A Fat Quarter!?" will be held on Saturdays @ 8 PM EST when able based on the amount of fabric available to give away.

Please help spread the word about WWTWAFQ!!

In other news ...

Things have gotten pretty busy around here. I am now getting requests for reviews/features on a daily basis and there are only so many weeks in a year. Due to the overwhelming demand, I may need to reconsider the nature of the features and possibly make them bi weekly posts. IE: Reformat Fat Quarter Shop Friday to happen TWICE a week several times during the year!! Yippee!!

To try and do a little house keeping, I've decided not post Joanna Figueroa's interview that was supposed to happen this past Friday. Instead it will post next week on Friday 7/22. I've also been working on a special quilt project in conjunction with Joanna and will be able to show it to you then.

The giveaway of Amanda Murphy Veranda fabrics will be held tomorrow, Sunday 7/17.

Join me tonight on Twitter at 8 PM EST for the Amanda Murphy Veranda edition of "Who Wants To Win A Fat Quarter!?"

Hope everyone is having a happy Summer!


  1. I have never used twitter, too many new things lately.


  2. I agree, not enough time in the day to look at blogs and FB can't start another one, otherwise will never get any sewing done!

  3. Any chance you could make it a bit earlier? Im across the pond and cannot stay awake until 1am !!

  4. Hi Everyone! Don't use twitter? You can still enter for your chance to win fabric right on the blog! The feature giveaways will still continue! If you Twitter, though, your chances of wining will increase greatly! ;)

  5. Caroline, if we have enough interest from international readers I will certainly consider holding the contest earlier. Thanks for your input.

  6. Sunnybec, I agree with you! This blog is one of the main reasons why I spend more time in front of the computer doing emails and less time actually sewing. Talking with designers about their fabrics is something I love to do and hopefully by passing the information along here, it will give the consumer a closer relationship with their favorite designer. It's all about inspiration and eye candy! :)


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