Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Happy and Productive Saturday

Things are getting back to normal in the Walsh household after all the activity from Thanksgiving. My wife's side of the family got together at their mother's house and we decided to make an appearance there this year. Luckily for us it is only a few blocks away, so with both kids in tow we didn't have much of a hectic travel time.

Friday was spent at home with the family and then back to Mandy's parents for dinner.

Today, however, I excused myself to the studio cave (with Mandy's permission, of course) and began sewing blocks for my Curious Nature quilt for Simple Quilts magazine. What a process! After one mistake was corrected in the quilting math, progress is being made. I hope to finish this up to send out to the quilters by the middle of next week. Photography is scheduled for the 8th of December!! Eeeep! I only received the fabrics a few days ago. Might need to quilt this myself depending on how long it takes me to finish.

Curious Nature block construction is well under way!

I took a break during the middle of the day to make a bag from Jeni Baker's AWESOME drawstring bag tutorial for my Secret Santa Swap (#ssswap on twitter) partner. All the handmade presents I sewed and purchased fat quarters fit right inside perfectly!

Your presents fit perfectly in this bag made from a tute by @jenib320 partner #ssswap

Now I just need to wrap everything and send it off to my partner. Once I get a chance to take better pictures of everything I'll post an update here.

Rowan spent a little time with me in the studio too. Mandy sent him in for a "break." AKA: A time out. He was a little wound up from all the activity this weekend. We chatted a while during sewing and he settled down.

Hope you have a great Sunday!


  1. Sometimes all a little guy needs is time alone with his dad! Too much estrogen and little guys go nuts. He is lucky to have you! Does he love that you make quilts?

  2. I love the little bag! But boy you must be quick to just whip it up while on a little break. That would be a whole days worth of work for me. Lol... Some of you quilters just amaze me. Hopefully one day I'll be a little quicker and more efficient. A girl can hope anyway! Can't wait to see the quilt!

  3. Thank you for such a brilliant idea. I like this beautiful and lovely bag. Its look very simple and cute. Also its useful in our routine life.


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