Thursday, April 28, 2011

Process Always Wins Over Prolificness

I love to see a project grow in front of my very eyes, but sometimes I'm impatient.

The satisfaction I feel every time I add a block to one of my design walls can't be put into words.

There's something therapeutic about piecing quilt blocks one at a time over a period of weeks. I savor the process thoroughly.

When I give it a chance.

I've been staring at the Modern Solids blocks Charlie and I have created for our quilt along for about 5 weeks now. They sit right above my computer just about overpowering that corner of my studio. I was almost certain I would get tired of seeing them there, but their presence for me has become an icon of self actualization.

I sometimes get carried away looking through flickr and/or friends' blogs just to try and keep up with everyone. The speed at which some quilter's finish projects amazes me. I look at them and see all the accomplishments, sometimes listed and linked right there on their side bars, and think to myself, what am I doing wrong? Am I not committed enough to my craft? Should I be spending more time behind my sewing machine if I want to hit the major leagues?

I almost get to the point where I become completely discouraged and then I finish another quilt block and add it to my design wall.

That tiny pang of satisfaction rises again and I think to myself, "yeah, this is what it's all about. The PROCESS."

Who really cares about how many quilts I make in a year... long as I enjoy making them.

P2MSQAL Week 5 - Block 6 is LIVE!

P2 Glacier Cactus Quilt Along
 P2 Cardinal Banana Quilt Along P2 Mango Azure Quilt Along

Introducing Tail Spin! Block 6 of the Patchwork Squared Modern Solids Quilt Along!

Tail Spin Block - P2MSQAL Block 6

Happy quilting everyone!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

P2MSQAL Week 5 & Bookworm in Fat Quarterly Issue 5

Greetings everyone! It's Ryan here with an update for the week 5 P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along post! Time wasn't on our side this week. With the Easter holiday on Sunday and a busy work schedule last week, the Week 5 post is rescheduled for Thursday, April 28th.

I'm so sorry about any issues this delay may cause everyone. I feel I may have been a little ambitious in scheduling so much this time of year.

In the next few days I'll begin updating the flickr group and draw several more winners for a 5 pack of Kona charms and a color card. I promise to give everyone adequate time to post their blocks this week to the group. Everyone will have until the following Thursday, May 5 to post their blocks.

In other news, Fat Quarterly Issue 5 will be available for purchase tomorrow! The P2 Bookworm pattern will be featured along with a short Q&A.

Bookworm in Hullabaloo by Urban Chiks

Melanie of Above All Fabric will have a limited number of Bookworm Kits available in Hullabaloo fabrics. Once the kits are gone Melanie is willing to make you a custom kit in another line.

Bookworm in Hullabaloo by Urban Chiks

Stay tuned to the P2 blog for a sneak peek at a Bookworm quilt top using Just Wing It by Momo. We'll also post a complete coordinating Kona color list if you want to make the quilts exactly as pictured.

See you all soon!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabric Flair | STORE CLOSING SALE - Farewell To A Wonderful Sponsor

Hi everyone. Today marks a sad day in the RWQ universe. A wonderful sponsor shop, Fabric Flair will soon be closing its doors. Christie recently contacted me and wanted to pass the following information along to my readers:

Fabric Flair

As the second anniversary of my opening Fabric Flair draws near, the celebration will be with a heavy heart as now it is time to close my clear my shelves and close my doors. With the sorrow of such a heavy decision also comes new hope. In my years spent surrounded by such talented supporters, customers, and friends, I have learned that creativity opens the door to worlds that contain no boundaries. The future holds as much as the heart can dream! And friends, right now I am dreaming much!

As my family prepares to sell our home, and with a very, very active 3 year old, I can no longer give Fabric Flair the attention and energy it needs to grow and thrive. Moving from Etsy to Artfire made many of the day to day tasks much easier (except the darned shipping overages, as many of you know!), still, I need to focus right now on my family's needs.

I'm hoping you will help me clear my shelves of all fabric collection, patterns, and trims! Every chance I get I am finding fabrics that I didn't even realized weren't listed, so please check often! You may just find what you've been searching for!

Fabric Flair
Fabric Flair
Fabric FlairFabric Flair
Fabric FlairFabric Flair

Please visit Fabric Flair today for some great deals on designer fabric!

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Mental Housekeeping & Enlightenment

Hey there everyone! Another week is over and I'm in the midst of another Sunday housekeeping session in the studio. I find myself getting more and more behind every day. I recently professed (or whined rather) on twitter that I've come to the realization: what I want to accomplish and what I actually have time to accomplish are two entirely different things.

How's that for some words of wisdom? It's only taken me 30 years to figure it out.

I know, hardly world shattering, but I have always been the proverbial overachiever. I take way to much on my plate and think I can "eat it all" and prolifically produce quilt history. Yeah, right! (hey, who said that?)

That also goes for my real eating habits, but enough about that!

What starts as good intentions and positive thinking ultimately results in disappointment and self disciplining "I told ya so" speak. Enough is enough!

The coffee pot is pouring out an unending supply of caffeine refreshment and I shut myself in today to thoughtfully tear through my backlog of bee blocks (sorry quilty pals - ducks to avoid thrown pebbles), piece 2 more blocks for the P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along, and reflect on the 9 or so large quilting commitments I've made in the last year. Soon to be 10 or 11.

So far so good! The quilt along blocks are finished. The tutorials are being written next, and I've managed to work my way through several bee packages. Yippee!

I'm on the right track ... for now.

In my effort to simplify and focus on this blog and the design company Charlie and I founded, I've sworn off all new bees for an entire year. There will be no sign ups for me this time around. Feel free to send me invitations, but don't take it personally if I don't join. I love all my quilting buddies equally, but once my current bees have buzzed their last, I'm out of the hive till further notice.

Now, how to go about getting all these P2 quilts made and decide what I should leave be and/or take on ... that's going to need more thought.

Boy, it's going to feel so good to be caught up!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

DS Quilts Collection at Joann Fabrics

DS Quilts Collection from Joanns

I jumped on the bandwagon and scooted over to the Joann Fabrics yesterday to pick up some of the amazing new Denyse Schmidt fabric. Twitter friends have been buzzing about her latest collection designed exclusively for the chain store. A gathering of 21 different prints, the bright colors and blue/green/reds are the perfect selections for some amazing summer-time quilts.

Looking through the patterns, this line definitely has the feel of 2 of her very first lines, Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope. I can imagine she was again inspired by vintage feedsack fabric from the early 30s and 40s.

I think what I like most about Denyse's lines are that she's not afraid to mix it up. We saw her jump from bright and cheery in Flea Market Fancy and Katie Jump Rope and slowly transition to darker, more muted tones for Hope Valley and Greenfield Hill. Something some of her more casual fans weren't happy about.

The DS Quilts collection brings us back to her bright use of color and everyone has been noticing. The dots, florals, plaids and even geometric prints are definitely an eclectic combination.

There's been some talk over the blogosphere that DS has sold out by offering her line to a chain store. Something I'm sure more than a few independent quilt shop owners aren't happy about. Much to their dismay other famous brands are now making their way onto the shelves of Joann's including Michael Miller and Alexander Henry. Andover precut bundles have also been known to appear in the precut bins.

I don't have any opinion on Denyse's decision to offer designs to Joann's. I think in this economy, everyone needs to branch out financially and this is just another example of an artist trying to diversify their offerings. Although I haven't seen DS' personal comments on the line, I think she should be very happy and proud of her latest efforts. I certainly am!

Monday, April 11, 2011

P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along - Week 3

P2 Glacier Cactus Quilt Along
 P2 Cardinal Banana Quilt Along P2 Mango Azure Quilt Along

Week 3 of the Patchwork Squared Modern Solids Quilt Along has been posted!

Welcome everyone!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Quiet Sunday: Just What the Dr. Ordered

Hey All! I had everything all ready to go for the Cherry Fizz post, but we had one glitch in the giveaway department...

Barbara has yet to receive any Cherry Fizz production goods from Henry Glass. Boo hoo! :( Looks like we'll need to push her feature off till the fabric arrives. Stay tuned for the announcement when we reschedule.

It's been a really quiet Sunday in the RWQ household this week. My wife and kids have gone to visit my sister in law for the day and left me home alone. I'm on call for the FH and decided to spend some time in the studio to catch up on emails and projects.

I sent 3 quilts off to the long arm quilter last Monday and just got word they arrived. One is a P2 quilt and the others are UFO's that've been hanging around for a while. I've been rummaging through bins in the studio and pulling unfinished things I've tucked away to complete and send off. I need to get as many things finished as I can for my upcoming feature at the county quilt show in September. So excited that they asked me to be the featured quilter this year!

I've been really bummed that I'm not able to go to Spring Quilt Market in SLC. I'm just not able to take the time off of work. I recently picked up a few books as early Easter gifts to cheer myself up. I can't wait to lounge on the couch with one of the cats and read:

Book Stash Additions

Modern Log Cabin Quilting by Susan Beal is quickly becoming one of my all time favorite vintage inspiration books. It's full of great tips, photos and patterns. Susan takes one of the best traditional quilt blocks and puts a modern spin on it; an idea close to my own heart!

Amanda recently told me about The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking by Jane Brocket. I haven't had a chance to look through this one yet, but a quick flip through the pages looked very promising. Thanks for the recommendation A!

Material Obsession 2 by Kathy Doughty & Sarah Fielke is one of those great quilting books brimming with creativity and originality. This book and the first are right up there with Kaffe Fassett's books IMO. The duo's use of color is great.

I got word last week that a book I contributed to is now available for presale on Amazon. Wahoo! I can't wait to get a copy and hold it in my manquilter hands. So exciting...

Blocks 2 & 3 for the Modern Solids Quilt Along will post on the P2 website tomorrow!

How are all of you spending your Sunday?

Monday, April 4, 2011

P2 Modern Solids Quilt Along - Week 2

P2 Glacier Cactus Quilt Along
 P2 Cardinal Banana Quilt Along P2 Mango Azure Quilt Along

Week 2 of the Patchwork Squared Modern Solids Quilt Along has been posted!

Welcome everyone!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sherbet Pips WINNERS Post! Upcoming Features!!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Look who's going to get some Sherbet Pips fabric:

Winner of the Pips jelly roll is comment #381, Melissa!

Winner of the Pips charm pack lot is comment #306, Miss Tiffy!

AND the winner of the 5 yard bundle giveaway from Kimberly of Fat Quarter Shop is comment #109, Trisha!

Congratulations to all the winners! I'm so sorry I couldn't give all 453 of you some fabric love...

Thank you Aneela for visiting with us! Thank you Fat Quarter Shop for offering fabric for the giveaway!

FQSF will return this Friday, April 8th when we'll talk to Barbara Jones about her upcoming line from Henry Glass, Cherry Fizz! YUM! Look at those bold colors! And the circles ... STASH WORTHY!!

Cherry Fizz at Fat Quarter Shop

See you soon,
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