Sunday, January 12, 2014

#NGAQB No Girls Allowed Quilt Bee - Mr. January

C'mon... you can say it.  You missed me, right? RIGHT?

-- don't give me that look --

It's been months (who's counting) since I stuck my head in here to say hello.  I figured it was time to dust off the surfaces and take down the cobwebs.  I wouldn't want you to think I'd run off or anything (hush, you!).

This space hasn't been completely abandoned.  I've managed a day or two in here from time to time over the past several weeks.  I would never give up my happy place.   My safe place.  After all, a studio is meant to be used with great advantage.  It's a creative space where you can be free to experiment and get crafty.  Let it all hang out.

--  wait, wait, tuck it back in Miley.  Not that much sweetie, darling. Take it back a little --

(queue Eye of the Tiger)

Well, darn it!  It's time to get crafty again!  It's time to bring back the fabric & sparkle!!  GLITTER, GLITTER EVERYWHERE, BY GOD!

Go forth and be fruitful in your creative endeavors.  Annoy the crap out of friends and family with how disgustingly crafty you can be.  You make those super cute table runners and mug rugs.  Be shameless with your stash choices!  You bought new fabric?  I wanna see it on instagram & twitter!

-- raises hands in a victorious manner --

Ok, ok.  Shut the music off.  Sit.  I'll settle down before I get carried away.

What I came back here to tell you about has me jumping in my seat like a new Kelly Clarkson single.  It's really exciting to me (if you didn't get that by my previous jumping in my seat comment).

You see, I've joined a new quilt bee for 2014.  A very -manly- quilt bee.  What's that you say? Manly and quilt bee in the same sentence? What the what?

Calm down, calm down children...

It's true.  The men are quilting!  And we'd like to steal the spotlight for a second.

-- yeah, over here.  To the left.  Hair and makeup OK? Hair big enough? --

If you haven't already had the chance to read Joshua's post about the bee, please take a peek and come back.  It's OK.  I'll wait.

You done?  Cool right?  I thought since Joshua was one of the founding fellows I'd let him give you the introduction.  You followed us on Flickr?  We're not printing t-shirts or sweat bands or anything fancy (yet. Sandy can totally take care of us with that, though), but we're bound and determined to have fun and celebrate men who quilt.  We're not a novelty.  We're here to stay.  Mhmm...

If you're on instagram, the party's already started.  Just check out our hashtag #NGAQB.  Lots of blocks and posts by our bee members are popping up.

Seeing how it's already the second week in January, I should probably catch you all up on who's the lucky boy to get us started.  The hotness of the month on our hunky male quilter calendar (RAWR) is Mr. January, Sandy Greenberg!

Mr. January asked us all to make him two Bordered Star blocks (one dark, one light) using fabrics from our own stash.

Here are several in process and completed shots of the blocks I made for him.

Give me a few more days and I'll have everything complete and shipped off to Sandy.

You can find a blog post by The Quilting Climber about this block here and download the free paper piecing template here.

To catch all of Sandy's adventures online you can find him in the following places:

Instagram: Curly_Boy1

Twitter: @Curly_boy1

PS - Each month there will be a brief interview posted on Joshua's page about the hunk of the month.  Sandy's post is up now in that link I posted earlier in my excited rant.

Just in case you want to get to know us all better (and we sure hope you do) here is our roster.  I always like to skip ahead and look at all the models for the year in my calendar too! *wink*
January - Sandy Greenberg
February - Andrew Joslyn
March - Andrew Youngman
April - John Q. Adams
July - Ryan Walsh
August - Shaun Abels
September - Giucy Giuce
October - Nick Ball
November - Scott Hansen
December - Joshua Helms
Floater - Chris Jones
Whip Holder - Andres Rosales

I also put a list with links for all members in the right top column of the blog.  No, your other right.

If you're a man quilter, and want in on some of this man-on-man quilt lovin', we've started a Facebook group called, Men Who Quilt. Look us up and join us, please!

-- Now back to your regularly scheduled program --

What are you still doing here? Get back to that crafty awesomeness!!!


  1. So (or should I say "sew") glad you're back to posting! :)

  2. I am please you guys have formed a supportive Bee but the naming of the bee really turns my stomach. Would you have found it acceptable to call a Bee "No Gays Allowed Quilt Bee" or "No Blacks Allowed Quilt Bee" ? It is really saddening to see quilters who's work I admire either through ignorance or lack of respect perpetuate such an insidious form of sexual discrimination.

    1. Issabella The Cat - it wasn't our intent to offend you in any way when we were coming up with the name of our bee. In all honesty, we thought we were simply stating the obvious. The bee is for male quilters. No female quilters are allowed to join. By your terms, therefore, the simple fact the bee exists is offensive to you. This bee doesn't take away your right to have a bee of your own. We wanted to keep it light-hearted and were reminded of the days when we were younger and one could see signs posted to the outside of tree forts proclaiming, "No Girls Allowed!" Please don't take offense and please don't jump to conclusions.

    2. As Ryan says Issabella, this is a bee for men only so women are not allowed to take part. Is just some harmless fun and NOT blatant sexism. I can't believe you're trying to call this "insidious sexual discrimination". I really think you need to get a grip.

      While you are busy being offended we're hearing about a number of boys who are being inspired by our bee to take up quilting for the first time. Your offence is a small price to pay for that in my book.

    3. I truly believe it wasn't your intent to offend however this is exactly why this form of sexism is insidious and harmful when employed in a light-hearted way. The fact your Bee exists isn't offensive at all to me in fact I celebrate the diversity of our online quilting world. I do object to the fact that instead of enthusing in the masculinity of the group you collectively chose to exclude the feminine in your bee name. I feel I should respectfully bow out of the conversation at this point, I wish your bee lots of success and I'm sure with the talent pool you have you'll all end up with some great quilts.

    4. Hey Issabella, this is Andres, one of the members of this bee. Before I begin I hope the responses to your reply don't make you feel like you're being ganged-up on, it's just that the members of this group feel strongly about your opinion.
      No one involved in this bee could be characterized the way you think we are. We all have the highest respect for the quilters that came before us, which, of course, means mostly women. Most of us were taught how to quilt by women that are special in our lives and we'd never demean their place in this craft.
      The name of this group, like Ryan said, is tongue-in-cheek and to me harks back to The Little Rascals or a Nancy and Sluggo comic strip. We had a long discussion among the members regarding this topic. Our main concern was that we show respect but at the same time inject some humor into the name and graphic. I hope you can understand we meant no harm.

    5. You went from No girls allowed to No blacks allowed?! Seriously, that says more about you than about these guys having a fun quilt bee.

      "It's now very common to hear people say, 'I'm rather offended by that.' As if that gives them certain rights. It's actually nothing more... than a whine. 'I find that offensive.' It has no meaning; it has no purpose; it has no reason to be respected as a phrase. 'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what."

      [I saw hate in a graveyard -- Stephen Fry, The Guardian, 5 June 2005]

    6. Issabella - "you collectively chose to exclude the feminine in your bee name." Really? Are you serious? Of course we did! There isn't a woman in the group so why would we include something feminine in our bee name?

      As Andres said, we have the utmost respect for all the women quilters out there, past and present. Are you just taking umbrage at the fact we, as men, are entering into a world that has always been dominated by women?

    7. Isabella, Sexual discrimination in quilting would be to say that no men are allowed, not no women. Why? Because women are the vast majority of the quilters. Equal rights is about protecting the minority. As one of the many in the majority, you should be supportive of those in the minority. What you are saying is the equivalent of saying that there should be no NAACP, no scholarships for only minority women, no recognition for women-owned businesses. Male quilters should be given every opportunity to be promoted and recognized in the sea of women quilters. I'm thrilled to see this bee and can't wait to see their finished projects. Go guys!

    8. Isabella, Sexual discrimination? Get a grip, girl. As I’m sure you well know, women are the vast majority of all the quilters. Men are the minority here, and minority rights can and should be protected. What you are saying is that there should be no NAACP because it discriminates against whites, there should be no scholarships for only minority women because they discriminate against men and white women, there should be no recognition for women-owned businesses because it discriminates against men. And this is in no way reverse discrimination because women can join any bee out there…except this one of course bwahahaha! And you should not bow out of the thread you started. Either argue your point or admit you made a mistake in judgment, but don’t just leave. This bee is right on target, and even the name is humorous and fun. I can’t wait to see everyone’s finished projects!

  3. Nice to see you here. I am following the wonderful men of quilting. I think this bee is a great idea. I can't wait to see the progress of all the great ideas.

    1. Thank you Charlotte! We hope to get outside our comfort zones a little and challenge each other as a group. See you around!

  4. I'm excited to see what you guys come up with. Seriously. So much talent!

  5. I think this is a great group and look forward to all the creations that will come from it.I was in no way offended and actually chuckled at the name as yes it did bring back the days of being a kid and having clubhouse, playing tag, etc... Love your blocks

  6. I LOVE the whole idea of men quilters! I actively search for you guys! I'm always inspired by the male (read- less frilly) designs that you come up with. I love the fact that quilting is becoming gender-neutral. I will be following each of you lovely men and probably learning right along with you. Albeit from outside the bee, which is perfectly fine with me. You go guys! Don't let any negativity dampen your spirits!

  7. I love the whole idea of men quilters! I find your designs tend to be less frilly and have a modern, masculine feel. I'm always looking to you men for great design inspiration. I actively search out men quilters for this reason. This bee is a great way for all of us to find more men quilters to draw inspiration from. I will be following and learning right along with you, albeit from outside the bee. Which is perfectly fine by me! All the power to you. You go, guys! Don't let any negativity dampen your spirits!

  8. Wow, I didnt know there were all these male quilters out there, off to do some blog reading! Have fun!


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