A Little Intro

I was inspired to start this blog after reading the blog of another male quilter online. I always enjoy networking with others who share my interests, so I thought this would be a good way to do that. Here it goes…

Ever since I can remember my grandmother has always loved to quilt. She would spend hours in her sewing room piecing and talking to herself. I spent a lot of time in her apartment when I was growing up because she lived right upstairs in a converted attic above our home (it was a very big attic!). My mother would work during the day and my grandmother was a nurse who worked nights at the local infirmary, so she was home during the day. I would sneak up and bug her.

Most of the time she would be sleeping (always with her clock radio on playing country western) but other times she would be cooking or quilting. I have always been a visual person. I like to look at things and figure out how they are put together and how they work. Sometimes spending hours thinking how certain things are done and if I would do it differently. My grandmother would always take pictures of her quilts and put them in an album with a little note of who she gave them to. I enjoyed looking at this album and trying to figure out how she put the things together.

She’s made many quilts, most of them for friends and family. She gives most of them away, but keeps the special ones for herself. I have been gifted a total of 2 full-size quilts and few table runners and place mats. She tries to make quilts for all the weddings/graduations/births and that keeps her VERY busy. She is the mother of 13 children and grandmother of 30+ (I lost count) including myself and great grandmother of too many to count (I wouldn’t even try)!

I didn’t start quilting until my mid twenties. I’m 27 now, so that’s not too long ago. At the time my first son was due to be born in a few months and my wife and I had decided to make the curtains our self for our sons room. Now I’m not sure If my wife was not feeling well or I was just on a roll with the painting and putting together of the room (I can’t stop myself with the projects sometimes) but I ended up making the curtains. They came out well, and I must have gotten the bug! I’ve been using the sewing machine ever since!

Here are a few photos of my sewing space. I have to admit this space was originally intended for my wife’s scrap booking and my sewing, but I kind of took over the room. She hasn’t sat to scrapbook many times since our son was born, but I let her know she is more than welcome to commandeer the space back!

This is a view of the side doorway coming into the room. I’ve mounted several organizers on the wall to give all the small items their own space to keep it tidy.

This is a photo of my stash and dresser I use to keep finished blocks and scraps in. It was a piece that came with our bedroom set that didn’t quite fit in our bedroom.

I keep a separate table for a computer workstation for wireless Internet to look up patterns and how-to tips. I also made room for a TV and stereo. We acquired this hutch from our in laws. All of my wife’s scrapping and crafting items fit neatly behind the bottom drawers and she also uses the plastic organizer you see to the left of the hutch. Now, I know some people don’t keep TVs in their quilting rooms because it distracts them. I am a total true crime junkie and cannot live without my A&E (First 48, Intervention, Cold Case Files, American Justice etc…) and Food Network (any show on food network).

This is a tool organizer I built from a piece of 4 x 2 shop peg board. I painted it, framed it and hung it horizontally on the wall. It keeps all my cutting tools, rulers, mats and thread off my work surface when they are not needed.

Here is my thread organizer. I’ve hung it on the wall above my work table next to my tool organizer. I use Connecting Threads Essential Thread line. It’s very affordable at only $1.99 a spool and is 100% cotton.

And finally, this is the machine I’m currently using. It’s a Bernina 1080. My grandmother swears by this machine. She has 2 of them and has lent me this one to try while I’m machine hunting. My old machine is very simple and I want to upgrade. She is a die hard Bernina fan and is trying to convince me to go with that brand. I have to say. This machine is VERY convincing!