A View Around Our Home…. Let’s Start in the Dining Room.

Welcome! Come on in! You’ve arrived just in time for coffee. Let me show you around.

This hutch in our dining room was an auction find. We haven’t done a thing to it. As my wife says it was made for me. It’s GREEN and CHIPPY! A prim delight!

I’ve purchased this burgundy candle box from one of my favorite eBay sellers (Winterberry Prims). They do very nice reproductions. I placed some antique mashers in it and draped an antique doily over the side. The dough bowl is a new old piece. I piled some burgundy dried pomegranates inside. The sweet annie wreath I also found on eBay. Behind the wreath, inside the hutch is some of our depression glass. I’ve also stacked some antique wooden silverware trays for some color.

That linen runner under the dough bowl was found at an antique shop. I couldn’t get over how vibrant the fabrics were still. All those flowers are hand stitched on. The stains make it all the more interesting.

In one corner of the dining room we put the very first piece of furniture my wife and I bought after we were married. We saw this reproduction curved front china cabinet at a local antique shop and had to have it. We needed a spot to display all our wedding china. I think my wife did a great job arranging the dishes. Don’t mind the dog bowl in the bottom right corner! The GREEN hanging cupboard and black peg rack were etsy finds (Francisco Woodworks).

In the opposite corner of the rather small cramped (as my wife says) dining room is another black plate shelf from Francisco Woodworks and an old dry sink my mother gave us. I tried to start an enamelware teapot collection. What I have so far is on top.

Rowan enjoying a conversation with Gramma Jordan.

Lastly, here is a wall shelf; also from Francisco Woodworks. I use this as a display shelf or gathering shelf. On it I put my new finds, some holiday seasonal stuff and we normally hang Rowan’s artwork from daycare on the pegs (looks like mommy just cleaned it off). Must be getting ready for Valentine stuff.

Oh, and here is a picture of a bakers rack we placed on top of our pie safe. The scissor holder in the bottom left corner my wife’s grandmother painted. She is also a crafter and normally makes things for everyone in the family for Christmas. We got this holder last year. It’s GREEN!