All New Homestyle Wax Tart Line

HAPPY TUESDAY EVERYONE – I spent most of the day downstate meeting with cliets today. I was sure tired when I got home, but not too tired to work on some things for the store.

I’ve been recently tossing the idea around of making a more primitive looking tart to add to our line of wax items. I found a neat antique muffin pan last year I’ve been dying to pour some wax in. They make great candle and tart molds.

I rounded up some rose hips, cinnamon sticks, lavender buds, sweet annie, wax and scent. This is what I came up with: our new homestyle wax tarts. I’ve only had time tonight to pour 2 batches. I really liked how they turned out. They smell wonderful fresh out of the pan. I can only imagine how strong they’ll be 3 days from now when they are fully cured.

I’m planning 2 more versions currently. A sage and lemongrass scent and a lavender and herb scent.

You can check them out on our website by CLICKING HERE.

I’m going to be at an all day conference tomorrow and then have calling hours till 9 so I probably won’t check in till Thursday. I hope everyone has a wonderful Wednesday!

Ryan @ Catskill Country Cupboard