Barefoot In the Garden…

My oh My! Summer has finally arrived this weekend and I’m lovin’ every minute of it! I’ve got all the windows in the house WIDE OPEN and all the curtains PUSHED BACK! I’m going to soak up every inch of sunshine available as we don’t get to see it in this neck of the woods too often.

I took Fiona for a walk in the back yard yesterday barefoot in the grass. We stopped along the river bank and scooped up the last of the daffodils that were blooming. These kind are some of my favorite. I just love how the insides are a bright orange while the petals are a creamy yellow. They remind me of fried eggs for some reason.

Rowan had fun playing on the swing set most of the day on Saturday. GaGa even filled up a tub full of water for him to sail his boats!

I haven’t gotten much of anything accomplished this weekend due to the gorgeous weather.