Bloggers Quilt Festival

First off I want to offer a big THANKS to Amy over at Park City Girl for hosting this wonderful quilt festival. I am just amazed at the turn out.

And the GULP!… 212+ people who have posted so far! I can just tell my whole weekend will be sucked away admiring everyone’s work.

Let me introduce you to my favorite quilt:

If you have been reading along here at I’m Just a Guy Who Quilts, you may remember me posting about this quilt recently. I call this one my Picnic Quilt because it is just the right size to tuck in the back of the car or camper. It is my #1 favorite quilt I’ve completed to date. So much so, that I am afraid even to use it for it’s exact purpose. I wouldn’t want to get it dirty!

I’ve always loved the colorful 30’s and 40’s prints and had quite a collection of strips that I tucked away for a rainy day. Now, my wife and I both always loved to go camping in the summer time or spend time out doors, even before we were married. So I thought that one day I would have enough strips to make a spread to go on the bed in the camper we use that belongs to my inlaws. Well, I kept saving and saving strips, we got married, had kids and I hadn’t gotten around to even starting the thing.

One day I was rummaging around the storage tubs in my sewing room for some candy themed fabric to make a Halloween quilt and I came across the bundle of strips I saved. I realized it had been almost 3 years since we were married and 5 plus years since I started saving 30’s print strips. I promised myself I would start piecing after the holidays sort of like a New Year’s resolution.

The construction is relatively simple. I hardly ever use patterns, just sew and go. I paired the bright prints with a white fabric to make them pop. I ended up with a variation on a log cabin block. The quilt top was done in a day or two. I ultimately decided to make something just big enough to lay on the bed to add some color to the drab 70’s feel of the camper. You know, one of those that was orange and brown outside and inside? It hasn’t made it on a camping trip with us yet.

To make a long story short, I didn’t get the finished top to the quilter for about a year after completing it. Life happened and so did other quilting projects. It was eventually finished and hasn’t left the house since its return, until recently. I dropped it off to my local department store last Wednesday so they could do a window display with it. They are featuring men who quilt and sew next month. Maybe when I get it back I might let it air out every once in awhile to enjoy it more.