Do You Have A Happy Machine?

I’ve been having some minor issues with the quality of the seams on my machine lately. They’ve been coming out wavy or loose and just plain inconsistent. Enough to get me completely frustrated. Crap!

I tried changing the needle, loosening the presser foot pressure, rewinding my bobbins, etc. with no success. This morning I decided to do a little investigating and solve the problem.

I normally take my machine in for bi-annual cleanings, but because of my work schedule I haven’t lately. In an effort to save funds, I was toying with the idea of doing my own machine maintenance. Not that I don’t think it’s important for you to take your machine to a professional, but I think sometimes it’s OK to take matters in your own hands. After all, I could put that $75 plus that it costs me to good use like buy more fabric! 🙂

I’ve found great tutorials on YouTube in the past for quilting techniques so I decided to stop there first. I did a quick search for “clean bernina” and found this excellent video:

Let me tell you, Sara, if you saw the inside of my machine, you would give me a BIG scolding! This is so embarrassing!

Look what I found after I removed my stitch plate…

If Your Machine Looks Like This

Ooh, what pretty colors. Have I been needle felting on my machine? That can’t be MY machine!

I was in denial big time.

And what I saw when I actually got down there and looked inside the bobbin housing…

If Your Machine Looks Like This

Boy mister, you need a shave! How many weeks have you been growing that beard?

I got right to work swiping and oiling and accepting that I let my machine get in this condition.

Here’s a few “after” shots. Ah, that’s much better…

Ahh.. Much Better

Ahh.. Much Better

Thanks for making that excellent tutorial Sara!

To add that the machine sews like butta’ now! Purrs like a kitten. Back in business. Thanks everyone for asking!

Take some time to make your machine “happy” today!