{ DQS8 } My Quilt Arrived!

Have a look see at what the mailman brought to my door today. It’s my DQS8 quilt from Scott at Blue Nickel Studios. What a neat looking quilt! Lots of aqua and wonky blocks make for an interesting composition. Wasn’t the lime stripe print a great choice for the binding?

Look at all the dots! I tend to gravitate toward dots whenever I see them in the fabric shops. They call my name. Especially if they are in aqua or red or orange or gray… I have stacks of the stuff.

What I like so much about this quilt is that it’s way scrappy. Scott paired up fabrics that I wouldn’t begin to put together. It’s crazy really, but that’s why it’s so appealing. Your eyes jump all over it.

I was so surprised to see I was paired up with another guy quilter beacuse of how so few there were in this swap. I think the final count of participants was around 171 and 3 of them were men (go manquilters!). I made a comment to John in a note I sent with his quilt about how the partner pairing had to have been rigged because I got him as a “send to” partner.

Let’s just say I lucked out big time this round. Thanks Scott! I already hung it on the wall in my studio. I made sure the awesome Momo scissor fabric was on the top! 😉

Talk later,