Family Excitment

Greetings Everyone – It’s been VERY hectic in the Walsh household over the last week. Our youngest, Brennan (6 months) rolled off his changing table while mom was diapering him on Wednesday night. The little daredevil has been really active over the last month trying to crawl and wanting to be mobile like his big brother Rowan.

Mandy had him on the changing table after dinner. She looked away to get a clean diaper above the table and in seconds he was on the floor. The poor guy seemed fine when we checked his reflexes and alertness. He was consolable, nursed fine and there was no bruising. His room is carpeted with a thick pad underneath. He woke up several times after putting him to bed an hour later so we called the doctor to explain what happened. He told us to go to the ER and have an x-ray. The PA diagnosed a broken collar bone. They just let them heal naturally with no medical intervention. 4 weeeks is the healing time. Poor little guy. Brennan is home and fine with mom who has been beating herself up over this. I told her it was an accident and these things happen all the time. They both are better today.

We have a follow-up appointment with an orthopedist today and will update everyone.