Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone! I’ve been thinking a lot about 2011 and what I can do differently here on the blog. I took a moment to look over the posts for 2010 and for the past several months it’s been all designer interviews and giveaways. I feel that the one thing that’s been lacking here lately is ME! Wait, I know that sounds completely narcissistic, but let me explain …

I started this blog originally as a way to network with other quilters and express my creativity. After all, that’s the sole reason why I follow other bloggers. To get to know THEM better and appreciate their unique spin on the art. Since the beginning, my blog has grown by leaps and bounds to include sponsors. As part of the agreement in taking on sponsors, I have to help promote them. Otherwise why would they bother to advertise with me, right? Sometimes that can make for a dry atmosphere. A lot of sponsored blogs try and mix in giveaways to offset that and keep the readership. All and all, I think my blog has been lacking soul and creativity and I want to change that for you and me.

Don’t you worry, because the giveaways are staying! I know how much you like them along with the designer interviews. One of my favorite parts of this blog has been getting to talk with fabric designers.

So, in an effort to get more conversation started and make it a little more interesting around here, I promise the following things will take place in addition to all the giveaways and Q&A’s:

  • You can expect more of me to shine through on the posts (what’s going on in my life, what’s on my design board, my opinion on quilting trends, etc.)
  • You can expect more replies to your comments! I read every single one (if you ask me a question and don’t hear from me it may be because you have your email blocked).
  • I’m starting a page to inventory all the designers interviewed here to make it easier to look back and read them.
  • I’ve created an “announcements” section in the right hand column to list items of note like giveaways and quilt alongs.

This is just the beginning!

When I’m not hiding in the quilt studio, you can generally find me nosing around the kitchen. To me cooking is just as relaxing and satisfying creatively as quilting. My wife and I generally share the cooking duties in the house 50/50 and growing up around restaurants and diners has helped me develop an appreciation for preparing food. My parents owned and operated the local diner here all while I was in high school and college. I helped out when I could (especially on weekends) and really miss all the people and daily interaction.

I love to come up with my own recipes for things and I’ll start sharing them here for you to try. How does that sound?

I’m open to any other suggestions as to what you want to see more of! Including designers you want to hear from.

Here are a few pictures of my two sons taken this past summer.
They are growing up so fast!

Rowan, age 5.

Brennan, age 16 months.

Talk to you soon,