{ Happy Valentine’s Day } Freestyle Piecing for A Swap Partner & A Mini in the Mail!

Happy Sunday everyone! Did you have any romantic Valentine’s plans for today? I know I didn’t. My wife and I decided to keep it low key this year and spend time as a family at home. Those plans were foiled though when my DW got called into work for a PH emergency. She’s back now and we just finished up an episode of Big Love on HBO. Aww, how romantic! 😛

I did sneak away for a few hours today to get some quilting done for a swap. This mini top was made using batik scraps. No paper piecing involved. I started with 1 center strip and then sewed 2 strips on each side at a slant. Sort of like a modified string quilt block. I was very careful to use the same degree tilt for each strip. That way the blades would meet up when the blocks were sewn together. Each of the blocks finished out at around 3.5 inches. I put 4 of them together to make a larger block. There are 16 blocks total in the top. Waddayathink?

I want to try the same block using Denyse Schmidt’s Katie Jump rope line. I think it would make a great pillow! Any ideas on how to quilt it would be appreciated. I’m at a loss so far.

I also wanted to share with you a swap quilt I received in the mail recently. This one came from Diane. We were paired up for a Swap-Bot swap. She must have done some investigating in my profile because she made the quilt using some of my favorite fabric, Swell by the Urban Chicks for Moda. Check it out.

Thanks for the awesome quilt Diane!

That’s all for now, I’ve got a February quilting bee update for tomorrow. Stay tuned. Hope everyone has a great President’s day on Monday. Get to the quilt shops for some great sales. May your stash always be overflowing!