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Moda Fabrics has been a heavy hitter these past few weeks! Recent interviews with Kate Spain & Joanna Figueroa have been posted and today, we’re bringing you another. Susan from Sweetwater stopped by way back at the end of July to talk with me about Hometown! Here’s what she had to say:

Just look at that inviting palette of red, yellow, blue, white, and grey!

RWQ: When we last spoke with you, Sunkissed had just released with Moda. What exciting things have happened in the Sweetwater universe since we last checked in with you?

Well, we are always on the hunt for new projects and products. Our latest new products are our metal charms using our fabric designs and also some fun new subway art designs. We have been having fun with both of these and they seem to be keeping us very busy. And of course we have a couple of new fabric releases, Countdown to Christmas which has just released and one of my all time favorite lines, Hometown which is due out in August.

RWQ: I see on your blog, that you are expecting… a book that is! What can you tell us about “Simple Home”?

The Simple Home was a LARGE undertaking but well worth it! Be ready to be inspired to create simple and creative projects for every room in the house. This book is due out in August. It looks like August will be a good month both the book and Hometown will be out!

RWQ: How exciting, and from what I hear, you guys decided to take all the photos for the book! Can’t wait to see a copy. I’m sure it will be a very inspiring book. Speaking of inspiration, is there anything you want to tell my readers about your inspiration for Hometown?

Of Course! Hometown – everybody has one – or two or three. We soon found that out last fall when we asked our blog readers to send in their hometown for our secret upcoming project. Be careful what you ask for! We soon got hundreds then thousands of responses. Because we wanted to include everyone, we tried to put them all into the “Town Square” print. However, if we used them all, we would still be working on it! We not only got response from the United States, there are towns from countries like Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Japan in the print. I think we stopped at the first 1000. We hope everyone will have fun spotting their hometown, and not too upset if we couldn’t fit it in!


RWQ: What an amazing response from all your readers and what a great way for you to get them involved and interested in your newest line. I think in our last interview I professed my love of your text prints. Hometown doesn’t disappoint with another set of text prints in each color. Do you have a favorite print in the collection?

Yes, I do! It is the Red background with white polka dots. I would love to have a quilt made with just this fabric!

RWQ: I always enjoy all the excitement surrounding quilt market and how the designers create their booths. Can you tell us about the booth you designed for Hometown during Spring Market in SLC?

We wanted our booth to represent a hometown. So we made window awnings for different store fronts that you might see in a town. It didn’t come out quite like we envisioned at home because we forgot to bring some of the hardware to bring the fabric awnings away from the screen. It still turned out and no one but us probably even noticed.

RWQ: It looks wonderful, Susan! Can you tell us about the beautiful patterns you put together for Hometown?

We came out with 7 new patterns for this line. The one pattern that would be a favorite at market is called The Neighborhood. They all fell in love with the houses. Besides Neighborhood, we came out with 3 other quilts – (Lighthouse, Intersection, and Yacht Club) , a table runner (City Block), a table mat (Town House), and a cute tote (Down Home Tote).

RWQ: Are you a quilter? How would you describe your quilting “style”?

My mom is the quilter in our mother daughter business. I would best describe her style as simple and classy!

RWQ: I’m sure your mom would appreciate those words! What methods do you use to design your fabrics? Do you start with drawings and then import them into the computer?

All of our fabrics are designed on the computer with a graphic design program.

RWQ: Thanks for being here today Susan and taking time out of your busy schedule to answer some questions! How can my readers find more information about Sweetwater?

The best way to see what is happening at sweetawter is to check out our blog www.sweetwater.typepad.com

You can also check out our website www.sweetwaterscrapbook.com or www.sweetwaterstreet.com

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