How to Ruin A Perfectly Good Box of Candles

I recently mentioned a wholesale box of candles that bit the dust in a post over the last few days. Well, here’s the “short and sweet” version for all those inquiring minds:

We live in an old house built in the mid 1800’s. All of the heat in the house is still the original steam radiator heat they installed “new” sometime in the last century. These buggers get very hot when the spit and carry on. One such fellow was in on the so-called execution of that darn box of freshly poured candles.

We were working along trying to make a schedule around the end of my wife’s pregnancy. The last two weeks, almost nothing was accomplished in the shop. I would sneak away to pour a batch or two and place it in the shipping box so I could cross it off my list. The contractions started and we were off to the hospital. Two days later we were back and I got so busy with the FH (AKA “Funeral Home”) (they were literally begging me to come back to work the same day we got home), that I continued to pour small batches of candles around my work schedule.

Around the same time we returned home. My father in law was hospitalized for bowel adhesions. He was battling intense stomach pain for a week, only to get discharged and return a week or two later. Along the way and in the confusion, the box got shuffled around the candle corner and was leaned up against a radiator! (Insert eerie foreboding organ music here)

I’m sure you can guess what’s going to follow. The suspense is killing me.

I noticed the box while entering the candle corner one fateful weekend when I thought I would finally get this order out. I heard the spitting of that guilty piece of iron as soon as I went through the door. I ran to the box and pushed it away from the radiator and pangs of raw nerve started to ball up in my gut as I felt the heat emitting from the cardboard.

My mind started pouring over minute nerdy facts about soy wax.

It has a LOW melting temp, It will become soft and lose shape if heated and reheated several times…

I opened the box to a bunch of melted lumps in bags and jars with tops leaking wax. I think I uttered every curse word in the book that day. I was like Ralphie’s father in “The Christmas Story” movie.

That day I had to begin my candle journey all over again. I vowed that I would finish that order this weekend and ship it out. One day I hope to laugh about this, but now I’m not quite ready. I hope Linda will forgive me for royally messing up her order.

There was only one good thing that came of all this mess. I now know what I am giving to all my relatives this Holiday season!

I’ll give you 2 guesses!