More Goodies For The New Studio

Another day, another dollar POORER…

Managed to cross off a few things off my list. Gosh, I can’t believe it’s Thursday already. I started quilting my STUD (Swap Till You Drop) quilt last night. I made 2 this time because it was so hard to part with my DQS7 quilt. I can’t show any pictures yet as my partner knows who is making her quilt and I don’t want to spoil the surprise. The theme this month was woodland. Erring on the side of caution I chickened out and signed myself up for the anything goes group. I know, boring, blah blah… It turns out the mini I came up with can count for either group! Very broad hint there. Wink wink.

I ordered a half yard bundle of Amy Butlers newest line LOVE. The colors and details of this fabric are astounding. If I wasn’t trying to put together a new sewing space I probably would have ordered a yard of each. I’m planning on using it to make my Pillow Talk {Swap} pillow. I can share all that progress with ya as the partners are blind for this swap. Be sure to check back to see what I come up with. I’m thinking of doing a wonky log cabin a la Quilt Dad. They are in the middle of a wonky block quilt a long over at Old Red Barn on Flickr where John is hosting. Thanks for creating me a custom listing Kerri!

I also managed to drop some dough for a new sewing machine table. In my current sewing space I use a 6 ft long Rubbermaid table that has a cutting mat on one end and my sewing machine on the other. Since I found a dedicated cutting table and a larger mat I didn’t see a need to have that long table any more. My Kenmore sits on top of the table and has an acrylic bed attachment. I thought that thing was the greatest invention since sliced bread, until I spent a whole day sewing. It is wonderful if you want a larger level surface to work on, but your hands are sitting as high as your chest and your arms get darn tired after a while. So, off I was on a new mission to find a drop-in table where my sewing machine can be cradled at a more ergonomic position and I found this table.

Gotta love Sears. I swear by their Kenmore machines (made by Janome). They offered this table on their website for only $109.00!!! A mere drop in the bucket as compared to the over priced Koala Cabinets they want $700.00 plus for. Now, granted this wasn’t as fancy as some of the Koala Cabinets, but based on all the positive reviews I snatched it up. Here’s some advice though. DON’T ORDER IT ONLINE!! Some of the products Sears offers you can have shipped directly to your local store for FREE. For some reason the Sears website wasn’t allowing me to ship it to my local shop and wanted me to drop another $90.00 just to get it to my door! Yowza! I called up my local store and spoke with a customer rep and he did some digging on his computer. He was able to order it on his computer for me and it will be there next Friday. He had no idea why the website wasn’t allowing me ship it to the store. I’ve ordered outdoor grills and even lawn tractors with no problems before. The only thing I could think of is that this was being drop shipped directly from the manufacturer and not from a service center. Anyway, instead of it costing me $200.00 plus I walked away with a neat table for $118.00 after tax. Cool beans!

Now to get some more of those other items checked off my list.

Happy quilting everyone,