Playing with 30’s Prints { Modern Bear Paw }

I’ve recently acquired a bunch of 30’s scrap pieces from my grandmother and have been playing around with them. She loves 30’s prints and has been collecting them for years. I think she had memberships a long time ago in the 30’s fabric of the month clubs.

The design is a modern bear paw block. The center blocks are the same blocks I just used plain white corners and added a print to the other. Lots of tiny pieces and small stitches with the machine.

Some of the fabric is authentic, some is feedsack, other is repro.

This second group of blocks are the same, I’ve just paired the fabrics with light blue fabric. I really like the looks of these blocks.

I’m making one mini for a swap partner and one to keep. There’s lots more fabric to use up!

All these points are scary, but I have a tip on how to match them. Small blocks can be killer. Lots of pins and a water sol pen…. I’ll blog about it.