Process Always Wins Over Prolificness

I love to see a project grow in front of my very eyes, but sometimes I’m impatient.

The satisfaction I feel every time I add a block to one of my design walls can’t be put into words.

There’s something therapeutic about piecing quilt blocks one at a time over a period of weeks. I savor the process thoroughly.

When I give it a chance.

I’ve been staring at the Modern Solids blocks Charlie and I have created for our quilt along for about 5 weeks now. They sit right above my computer just about overpowering that corner of my studio. I was almost certain I would get tired of seeing them there, but their presence for me has become an icon of self actualization.

I sometimes get carried away looking through flickr and/or friends’ blogs just to try and keep up with everyone. The speed at which some quilter’s finish projects amazes me. I look at them and see all the accomplishments, sometimes listed and linked right there on their side bars, and think to myself, what am I doing wrong? Am I not committed enough to my craft? Should I be spending more time behind my sewing machine if I want to hit the major leagues?

I almost get to the point where I become completely discouraged and then I finish another quilt block and add it to my design wall.

That tiny pang of satisfaction rises again and I think to myself, “yeah, this is what it’s all about. The PROCESS.”

Who really cares about how many quilts I make in a year…

…as long as I enjoy making them.